Parents Gone Wild! Jonathan and Sarah Adleta planned sexual abuse for their children BEFORE they were even born…


Fla. Breeders planned to molest their kids before they were born (EXCELLENT post)
Pre-Nuptial Child Sex Agreement Is Centerpiece of Marriage Contract (another great post)
Jonathan Adleta, former marine, faces life in prison for child sex abuse, report says
Woman with Fannin county ties arrested for child sexual abuse in Tulsa
Oviedo woman, ex-husband charged in child-sex case
Fleetwood sex crimes case expands into Florida
Mom, dad planned child sex abuse before kids were born
Sarah Adleta, Fla. mom, gets 54 years in child sexual abuse, pornography case

4 perverts

Jonathan Adleta – convicted, will be sentenced in December
Sarah Adleta – pled guilty, sentenced to 54 years in prison (federal prison)
Samantha Bryant – indicted
Aaron Dixon – indicted

One Response

  1. May these “people” be horrifically tortured, revived, sodomized, beaten within inches of their lives, then revived, and then passed around to repeat. May they not have the sweet mercy death will temporarily provide before their descent to hell. These types of lifeforms give us a glimpse of humankind’s horror and of devil at work on earth atrocities. These poor children are scarred for life, poor damaged little souls. Michelle Knight and other suvivors of this type of horror can help to try to heal the wounds of these poor innocent babies that were raped and tortured in the betrayal of the people that bore them and were supposed to protect them. God Have Mercy on the children. The perpetrators and the enablers should not be allowed to die. Let COs turn gen pop loose on these betrayors of common human decency.

    A hopeless situation that found a glimmer of hope, release, incarceration and freedom for those involved. God heal the agents and tacticians involved in rescuing these innocents and catching the vermin filth that sought to prey further on them


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