Murder In The Family: Dorothy “Jazz Girl” Ellingson killed her mother, Annie, later deemed insane; Did not stand trial for her mother’s murder


Dorothy Ellingson was convicted of 2nd degree murder and sentenced to 1-10 years in prison.

Dorothy Ellingson: Jazz girl killed mother Annie Ellingson (GREAT article, has timeline)
Dorothy Ellingson, 16, Slayer of Mother, Is Called Insane
Dorothy Ellingson will be committed to an institution
Confessed Slayer of Mother Begins Court Fight
Girl to deny murder stain
Dorothy Ellingson
Dorothy’s trial to end Thursday
‘Jazz Girl’ is found insane
Jazz Girl Sane, May Face Murder Trial
Girl Trial June 15
Jangled nerves of Dorothy Ellingson
“Jazz Girl” Murderess Needs Pity and Care, Not Prison, Thinks Miami Pastor

Deadly Women: Parents Peril

Dorothy Ellingson
Dorothy “Jazz Girl” Ellingson

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  1. […] first day of trial. The jury who heard Ellingson’s murder trial listened to the ridiculous Jazzmentia Effect. They weren’t convinced. It found Ellingson guilty of the manslaughter of Anna Ellingson. […]


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