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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Psycho For Love: Keisha Jones convicted of crushing her husband, Tyrone Taylor, against a wall with her car, sentenced to life in prison


I hope I read the court documents right. It appears that in the resentencing, she was sentenced to 15-30 years in prison. I do not yet know when she is eligible for parole. I will try to find out.

Woman charged with killing boyfriend with car
Philadelphia Police Charge Woman With Murder Following Car Accident
Trial opens for woman accused in husband’s death
Police testify in Philadelphia car-crush murder
Woman testifies husband’s death was an accident
Philly woman convicted of murder in husband’s car-crush death
Pa. woman found guilty of first-degree murder for pinning husband with car
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v Keisha Jones 2014 (sentence overturned, new sentencing trial ordered)
Docket Summary

Snapped: Keisha Jones


Keisha Jones

Inmate Details
Inmate Number: OT4960

Name Name Type

Age: 36
Date of Birth: 02/24/1981
Height (in): 5′ 05″
Gender: FEMALE
Citizenship: USA
Complexion: MEDIUM
Permanent Location: CAMBRIDGE SPRINGS
Committing County: PHILADELPHIA
Last Updated Time: 5/6/2017 4:00:15 AM

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204 Responses

  1. I think it is a travesty of justice that Keisha JOnes got a life sentence for running her husband down with a car I think it was an accident at best. I hope she gets her appeal. I pray for her and her family.

    • Her case was just on the TV program “Snapped” 2 video cameras did her in….

      • they had to convict her on the evidence, not the great love she had for him. she thought her love would sway the jury. she had to turn the suv at a 90 degree angle, that means she was intentionally chasing him. she should’ve took the 10 years, instead of rolling the dice on a life sentence.

    • So cheryl first , did you see the video of Tyrones death? It was intentional, so what do you suggest for Ms. Jones for taking a life? Probation.

      • I bet if she was a 30 year old cute white girl she would’be sitting n jail (casey anthony) n we know that was no accident.then the reporter’s alwaye hollowing she was convicted by a jury of her peers, them people that sat on that jury ain’t her fucking peers, they don’t come from where she or husband come from, trust me we deal with realtionship issus different from you’ll, so trust she wasn’t trying to kill him.

        • I agree that I do not think it was intentional. I think she was over-intoxicated and unable to judge the turn. I also saw the heels she had on, mix that with alcohol…! It is sad that the children lost both parents that night. I believe she should be punished, but I don’t think she deserves life.

        • This is so sad. I just finished watching this episode on snapped and I feel that she was railroaded. First of all she had heels on and I wear high heels while driving on sundays and I know how careful you have to adjust your driving, so I usually take them off til I get where I’m going. But!!! due to the fact that she was intoxicated and wearing heels, I strongly feel it was an accident. She didn’t mean to kill that man she loved him. They were just having a moment! If she was any other race than black, trust me the outcome would have been different. Why would they take her away from her babies like that, Why? Because we all know that black women don’t take care of their kids…..reflecting back to Twelve Years a Slave. The mentality of the slave masters wife when the women was so despondent about being separated from her children. “you’ll forget about them soon enough!” Damn Shame. Yes punish her but don’t make her spend the rest of her life in Muncy of all places.

          • I agree it was accident. Those heels are hard to drive in. She would not do that on purpose. I hope she gets that appeal

          • She should of took the deal, she would of been out of prison at 42 and would have a life. Bad legal move. Her attorney wanted the deal. Now she lives in a cage. So sad for the children. The heel analogy is crap, her heels didn’t make the sharp right turn. She had no way of winning the case with the video evidence.

          • It is such a sad story. I think maybe anger caused her to want to speed off along with the alcohol and it is possible the shoe heel got caught but I do not think she wanted him to die. I don’t even think she meant to hit him. Too me it was involuntary man slaughter. Keisha is not a murderer. She needs to see if she can get a pardon from the president because I really do not think the appeals will be granted. Once the president is about to leave office he will grant some prisoners pardons based on their crime and the situation and evidence. It’s worth a try. What does she have to lose? Her attorney should be able to assist her with it.

          • This is so ignorant, of all of you woman to have watched what I’ve seen and say that this angered intoxicated woman didn’t mean to run her husband down,she just realized the severity of what she done after the fact stop justifying her wrong doing with BULLSHIT EXCUSES!

          • She sure wasn’t thinking about her babies 1. When she hit him. 2. When she was driving while intoxicated.

        • color isn’t the issue,, she intentionally drove into him,,, even if she would never kill again, she killed her husband and he cant get a second chance. why should she?

      • Keisha should have took her drunk azzz home. Jealousy kills! She was talking to men at the club, why could’nt Tyrone? She brought that shit on herself!

    • Yes it’s simply not fair!! It saddens me!

    • I agree with you Cheryl.

    • i think it a travesty tyrone taylor is dead . she got what she deserved. i pray for tyrone family . a life for a life

    • I think the penalty was very harsh! I think her sentence should have been 3rd degree due to the fact that alcohol also played a factor in her ability to think. I am not giving her an accuse but I believe all parameters should be looked upon before sentencing a young woman to life in prison. My heart felt so heavy when I saw this on Snapped. She has to dealt with this guilt on her heart as long as she lives.

      • She had a chance to plead third degree and didn’t take it. I think she ran him over in the heat of the moment (anger). After she realized what she had done, she regretted it. Alcohol clouded her judgement.

    • I agree with you. The video tapes I think initially hurt her, but she was also extremely intoxicated. Its a sad story. Someone lost their life, and now shes in jail forever and her kids have no mom.

    • I think it was the fact that she was intoxicated & just had not control, I hope she is able to appeal & get her children back even thought her life will never be the same, people argue all the time & accidents do happen, but i know she loved her husband inspite of what others think she was no psycho….will pray to God she comes out sooner

    • I think it was a accident to because I’ve had my heel get stuck and I almost hit the car in front of me so it surely can happen when u r in heels and driving.

      • but she steered the suv towards him. thats where she went wrong. heels are harder to drive in, but she wasnt wearing them on her hands. she didn’t have to chase him down in the car.

    • I just think the lady is an immature personality type/quasi sociopath who has an overweening sense of entitlement. For it was she who directed a two ton missile at her husband,and went on to reject the exceedingly lenient offer of a 10 year sentence. Egoist. Fantasist.Narcissist;whom under pressure cannot accede to the word no.

  2. Yes this young lady did kill her husband. Do I think that she meant to? Hell naw, yes the drinking and driving was wrong on both of there parts. But to actually say that she deserves life? No way possible, does she. This is one decision that needs to b ova turned. She’s n prison everyday reliving her tragic mistake. I solely believe she NEVER meant to kill him. She had no reason, they were on a date. I think the alcohol impaired the speed she was driving at. She may in a bit of anger meant to tap him or scare him, but kill No! Keisha I hope u c this n learn from ur mistake. But I do hope that one day ur released from prison. U do NOT deserve life. Maybe 5 yrs for the drunk driving, which accidentally caused ur husband’s life but that’s it.

    • I watch snapped , about the Keisha Jones case. I think she didn’t mean to kill her husband.I think she was just trying to scare him with the car. But still it was wrong. Sometime when we get into heated arguments our actions to things can be a little overboard.her children need their mother and their father. I don’t care how mad I am with my husband , but believe when I say” mylife without him is useless” and iI know that’s how she feel right now. I wish I could write her , to let know , if no one in the world I understands your heart I do , because I honestly believe she really didn’t mean it.

    • Really

  3. I so sorry about Keisha, I believe it was an accident, she lost control of the car because of her hi shows

  4. Watched this on Snapped yesterday. It’s a sad situation…I wish she had taken the deal they offered her. Her lawyers should’ve known that no jury would be lenient given the fact that they had the video.

    • yes her lawyer was definitely wack!!!! that’s what happens to poor people everyday who can’t afford proper legal representation. So sad….

      • What makes you think that her lawyer wasn’t hired by her and her family ?

      • What makes you think they didnt have money for proper legal representation ? She had red bottom heels on, he had Gucci shoes on that night, and they had an ACURA vehicle. They had some type of money. He took real good care of them. I believe it was an accident…. The video is scary and was damaging. Cant believe her cousin testified against her. Disgraceful. Im sure he wouldnt have wanted his wife to be charged with first degree murder.

        • In the hood red bottoms, Gucci and a Ac don’t equate to having money. Especially not murder trial murder money.

  5. I believe that giving Keisha Jones life for First Degree Murder was an over kill. I do agree that the she is responsible for her husband’s death, but it is a crime of passion. With first degree murder, you need delberate action. I don’t believe that Ms. Jones was deliberate. I think her action were passionate and very implusive. I hope and pray that she gets another chance in court and her appeal.

  6. From the tape it did look like she meant to hurt him but I agree…she didn’t mean to kill him…she loved him and her emotions along wit alcohol took over

  7. I feel for Keisha and her children. I know she never meant to kill her husband. If I had one wish, I would wish her out of jail. I lost sleep last night after watching Snapped. Keisha has been on my mind all day. I’m completely taken over with disbelief….life, life in prison. That woman, that mother of 4 don’t deserve the hand she was dealt. I feel for her. If you believe in her please support her, I know I will. I don’t know her but I’ll never forget her. Pray for Keisha Jones, pray,

    • Mya, I felt same way when I watched snapped episode of Keisha. I lost sleep & was totally shock they have her life. I’ll never for get her too.

    • I agree.i just saw snapped aired, and I don’t agree with her life sentence. People make mistake in the heat of passion. I truly believe she loved her husband. I can sign something to petition her charges. I live in Florida and it’s not strick in this state. I don’t condone murder but we all knew she was trying to scare him so he can get back in the car but accidentally hit him. I feel sorry for the cousin to testifies against her cousin. You are in my prayers Ms Jones and your family.

  8. I hope that b**** never get out of jail for what she did. he was a good man and father in his life should never have ended the way it did.. she is a heartless b**** and she deserve everything that state throw at her ass and more… I’m just sorry that I was able to make it to his funeral that’s the one thing I do regret and fall out of contact with the family.. may you rest in peace Tyrone.. and they were not married.. I should know I’ve been with brother For years…

    • I just read the news paper article where she was found guilty. The statement taken directly from his father states they were married for five years. Surely his father wouldn’t lie. This was out of Tyrone Sr. mouth. Pull it up if you don’t believe it.

      • Thank you, i am Tyrone’s family……. its more to this story then what the tv has told. Yes they was actually married but who cares? she admitted she has hurted him before and also hit him with a car 3x b4 his death. She was abusive to him and he was a good man to her, hope she rots in hell……

        • Thanks Nicole. I just watched a rerun of this show. They never mentioned the past incidents that you mention. If what you say is true, then she’s not really the great person who just made one mistake as one might think after watching the show Snapped. I’m sure we are missing much of the story, including things that only family members know about both of them.

      • In one of those above articles, Keisha identified herself to police as Tyrone’s girlfriend. Why would she refer to herself as his girlfriend? No wife would say that. And yes, even the father would lie about it.

    • Why u so bitter Arlene? It must be something deeper within u to say those harsh words about kiesha. She definitely luv’d him an never meant to kill him, any one tht watched it can see that.
      My heart goes out to Tyrone’s family but she did not mean tht an I pray her appeal go thru to retry.
      You better hope no one u luv ever make a bad decision an get judged..
      Question some of you guyz motives for saying that woman deserved life??? Hell we ALL make bad choices, Thank God they don’t alwz end in death. Thank God your not no judge!

  9. f*** out of here with your nut ass, it was a accident no it was not an accident. she did it out of spite because he was leaving her ass okay… they were not married or engaged… I hope she don’t get out of jail I hope you rot in jail.. a life for a life… s*** he not here to live the rest of his life or spend the rest of his life with his kids why should she…

    • well Snapped misrepresented her story, cause they did say that they had gone to Vegas and gotten married.

    • I just read the news paper article where she was found guilty. The statement taken directly from his father states they were married for five years. Surely his father wouldn’t lie. This was out of Tyrone Sr. mouth. Pull it up if you don’t believe it.
      I just read the news paper article where she was found guilty. The statement taken directly from his father states they were married for five years. Surely his father wouldn’t lie. This was out of Tyrone Sr. mouth. Pull it up if you don’t believe it.

    • There are 2 sides to every story, and this side was not shown to me on the TV show. I think the girl in the back seat heard Tyrone say this to Keisha before he got out of the car and again, it was not shown in the TV show. She felt Keisha was guilty also. But with all that said, I am just going on what was related to me in the TV show and my heart tells me she is innocent. But like i said…that is coming from someone who has seen one side of the story. They did not make her out to be a monster on the show but i see you feel she is a monster…and you knew her. I am confused as to what I should believe now. The documentary Paradise Lost also did the same thing. They had me believing they were innocent until I learned all the facts online and not just from the documentary. I guess hearing all the facts before making a decision is the best choice. What is your side of the story? I think it need to be told.

    • Hope you or your luv ones never make a mistake arlene in life an if you do maybe you will be judged harshly like she was.

  10. I don’t believe that Keisha Jones kill husband on purpose. I don’t think
    Ms. Jones deserves life in prison i hope she git appeal and git out of prison

  11. I Knew Keisha and i Believe it was the heat of the moment and she was intoxicated And they got into a arguing and she mint to hit him not kill him but im pretty sure he would of came back home to her in the kids they always go threw drama and be back in love but a murder is a murder smh maybe should got her sentence reduce but not life they have kids together and she aint never been to jail before for all the ppl saying she should rot in jail is ignorent smh Free Keisha because its 4 kids with out a mom and dad smh

    • I totally agree. Aliya I wish she would have took the 10 yr plea deal but she figured she would be aquitted because it was an accident.
      I think it was a racial move because if I were a white woman she may have never seen any jail time!

  12. I don’t believe Keisha intended to kill Tyrone. I believe when Tyrone got out of the car and she climbed over to drivers side she might have turned the wheel by accident and when accelerated (trying to speed off) she went in his direction and because of drinking her reaction was not quick enough to get control of the vehicle before crashing. I do hope she gets and wins her appeal. May Tyrone R.I.P and prayers to his family.


      For all of you wanting Keisha to win her appeal and be released, I think you are misunderstanding appeals. Technically, it is no longer about guilt or innocence. An appeal is about mistakes made in the trial process. Usually no new evidence can be admitted. However, that also does depend on the laws in each state, and I don’t know Pennsylvania’s laws. I am not sure how things go in Pennsylvania, but she may be able to get a hearing to reduce her sentence. Many states do that.

    • Turned the wheel by accident in a 90 degree angle???? Are you kidding me? This was totally INTENTIONAL as was the acceleration.

  13. I really really sympathize with Keisha and her family. I recently saw the case on snapped and i haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. I really honestly believe that it was truly an accident. Especially if she was intoxicated. I am a woman who has have numerous black outs while drunk and people had to tell me what happened. Although It’s not an excuse, i just really understand her. Its very tragic that he died and we can’t change that. But for someone to be so remorseful and turning down 10-15 years, because she knew in her heart that she was not guilty. I feel they should have never have her life. My prayers are with her and her family.

  14. I just finished watching the episode of Snapped concerning Keisha Jones. I was not there so I can’t say whether she intended to kill him or not, but I will say you must look at the situation putting emotions aside and judge solely on the facts. Her attorney was negligent in having her not to take the plea deal for Murder in the 3rd degree. This would have resulted in a 10-15 year sentence MUCH better than a life sentence without the possibility of parole!! Lets be honest she took a life and has to pay for this. The law in Philly is that if you are convicted of 1st degree murder then the penalty is life without parole. Plain and simple!!!! Keisha took the gamble and she lost. Plain and simple!!!!

    • Erik,

      Her attorney could not force her to take the deal. He has to do what she wants.

      • Her attorney gave her the options, she chose to gamble and loss. It’s sad, but hind sight is 20/20. I bet she wish she had pleaded guilty now!! It’s very sad but the video didn’t lie. It wasn’t no accident, she turned that car purposely to follow him. Although she hit him, I really don’t believe she meant to kill him. So sad.

    • I agree with you, but her attorney should’ve advised her better. He should’ve never let her take the gamble with the life sentence.

  15. I agree with you, she didn’t mean it, and that goes back to what I was saying , sometimes when people get into heated arguments we do things , we hurt about later , so I do support ms.Keisha and her family, because she really did love her husband and still do.

  16. We have to pray for ms.jeisha and her family , may god bless them all ..

  17. Yes “snapped did state they was married and Im so sorry for ur lost and I do believe she tried to hit him because for one it was a wall n she jump the curve and she couldve just bagged back instead of going forward!¡

  18. I hope this case is overturn. It appears to be an accident. The lawyer did a great job. Her faith will prevail.

  19. This world is not meant to be fair you live the life you are gaven and you play the hand you are dealt with its up to you to make the right decision and at the end of the day its up to you to turn away… In this case it was up to keisha to either walk away and let her husband be or jump in the driver seat… Its a sad case not for her but for their childrens who now has to deal with both parents out their lives but mostly growing up knowing their father was killed by their own mother… Smh I pray not for kiesha sake but I pray for the childrens may god bless yal souls and mind and.yal questions may be answer one day

  20. I wish I could reach out to her and let her know that i feel sorry for her and what was done to her is wrong on so many levels. I thibk its sad that a person can get 0-2 years for rape but someone else commits an accidental homicide and get life. Her jiry was a bunch of jerks and heartless pigs. She was not a criminal and it was an accident.

  21. I watched snapped this evening and in the case of Keisha Jones I gotta say the video footage said everything she didn’t want to admit. She intentionally killed her husband. Did anyone expect her to go into court and admit that she was upset and wanted to hurt him? She got the sentence she deserves for what she did.

  22. I truly think she wanted to scare him initially, by putting the car in drive and pressing the gas, but her being a little intoxicated and the type of shoes she wore she was trying to stop the car and when it jumped the curb she lost control. It’s a travesty to see someone make a mistake that cost them their life and not even get a glimpse of hope for a second chance. I pray they give her an appeal

    • I think you don’t understand the appeal process. She can and will file an appeal. I think you mean that you want her appeal to be successful, which it only will be if there was a real mistake in trial procedure. It will have nothing to do with guilt or innocence.

  23. Well god is the last judge it is such a sad situation god be with her and her family and children i no they miss there mom We do not no what was going on in her mind at all at the time of the accident just pray to god this do not ever happen to no one else it is a valuable lesson to learn from this to everyone anybody paying attention to this tragedy Praying to god she have a strong support system behind her she will need it anyone no how her state of mind it now how she holding up now god bless her I would like to reach out to her god bless

  24. I just watched this episode tonight and i was dam near in tears, i really dont believe she even tried to kill her husband or even tried to hit him. i watched the video ova an ova again wat i do believe is she thought she was turning down that street tryna b on the side of him as he walked but she lost control ending up on the side walk..her movements went so fast as if she did lose control of the vehicle, i believe she had no idea she even hit him she was intoxiated.
    i neva leaves comments on no ones sites for any reason, but this situation touch my heart so much. i pray allahs my witness that keisha jones gets her appeal and get help because she will never stop replaying that moment.
    thx tisha

  25. This is a tragedy, I can’t imagine what either of them where thinking. Why he got out of the car when he was the driver. If the driver gets out of course your going to take over the wheel. The way she drove the car across the intersection onto the curb she and her cousin could have been killed if there was another car coming. From the video it looks as if she meant to hit him with that damn car. I feel for him the kids and Keisha. Seems as if she is overall a good person that was not thinking clear in the heat of the moment. Should’ve been temporary insanity. Dispite the lost of his life, Life in prision, No I don’t think that was the proper answer. Now you have four kids who will grow up angry and confused. If there is anything that was missed or mistaken in this case God please have mercy on Keisha Jones. Mrs. Jones you have my prayers as well as your husband R.I.P. and those helpless children that their future not be smudged. I pray that she does not give up hope and let haters be just that.

  26. Why is there differing info about their marital status?

  27. The Bible says…”Cease from anger, and forsake wrath: fret not thyself in any wise to do evil” (Psalm 37:8). In other words, Stop being mad, reject rage: Worry not ourselves with any intelligence to do bad things (evil things). I watched Snapped last night and it disturbed my rest. I believe there are Believers praying for her mistakes: the drinking, flirting, arguing, and the tragedy accident. All of us have fallen short. Let him (her) who has not sinned to cast the first stone. Believers continue to pray for Ms. Jones, the children, and Mr. Taylor’s families. Be encouraged to know that there is a Higher Judge who has not forgotten about Ms. Jones.

    I believe she wanted to scare him, and perhaps in the past he has gotten out of the way of the vehicle. This time, he didn’t. Both of them had been drinking. Rage is serious and it can cause problems that we cannot fix or take back. Believers pray for her heart. I believe her feelings were hurt when he decided to go to a relative’s home and she didn’t know how to express to him calmly that she wanted him to come home with her. Pray without ceasing. She lost her best friend, her husband, and her children’s father. May the Lord have mercy and grant her peace.

  28. I really feel bad for her. We women need to not allow men in our lives are we could lose it like plenty other women have. I’m not with that Relationships are Ups and Downs bull crap. We do so much physically, mentally, and financially better without them anyway.

    • alisha,

      Are you serious? You are blaming all men for what a few do? And you really mean that women should not date or marry men and that we are better off without them? I must disagree with you. Yes, some men are bad, but so are some women. I have personally known some wonderful, good men. Don’t judge all men by a few. That would then mean that all women are horrible as well. Everyone is different and should not be judged by what others do. I do not want to be judged by what you do, feel or think either.

      • Im am not blaming ALL men, im just saying how we women can do good without them. Im blessed because I am a full time student majoring in Forensics, own my own home, car, and I love GOD. Im very thankful that i have all my ducks in a row without a man being in my life. Ive seen so many episodes of SNAPPED and many other tv shows where a woman was happy, healthy, single and here comes a man to become a burden in her life and eventually put her through stuff she wouldn’t have been in if she’d stayed single. Yes there are good men in the world, i’ve met some myself, but will i allow one to be in my life ? No. My opinion my life. I will just continue to watch women go to prison, have low self esteem, be controlled, lose everything because of a man they allowed to be in their life.

  29. I don’t believe she tried to kill her husband. I think it was an accident and alcohol played a factor in it, sadly one too many drinks cause her, her husband, her family, kid’s and her life. I don’t think she deserved life maybe 10 years but not life. The family of Tyrone suffers as well. Prayers for all them!

  30. This was an unfortunate situation.

  31. I dont think she should do life a few years would of been cool

  32. I saw Snapped and that’s where I learned about this terrible accident. To me it’s looks like an accident because of the speed of the SUV. I don’t understand how some deaths crimes get more convicted years oppose to others. Here you have a woman who clearly loves her family one day and then in a split second wants to kill her husband doesn’t make sense! My heart goes out to his family but I really don’t think her intentions were to kill her husband. I wear heels and heels can definitely get caught up! My heart not only goes out to his family but to her children.

  33. My prayers go out to both families. I believe it was an accident.

  34. I feel so bad for hner I just watched her stgory on snapped. I look at her and I see myself, I’m from philly and I was recently locked up this year for aggravated assault aginst my daughter father. I had both felony and misdomeanor charges. Thank god his family was there to stop me from attacking him. And thank god all my charges were dropped. But I thank god that everything went the way it did for me and if was for sure a lesson learned. I feel bad for keisha because I can see how something like this could happen I was so angry with him but I love him and still do so I. Was not aiming to kill him. I think his death was a mistake. I believe she possibly meant to hit him or steer the car toward him but I certainly think she did not want to kill him. And her story is such a shame. May god bless her and her family as well as him and his family.

    • Yes men can take you there, they are not worth it. Im glad your charges were dropped and you can live your life and raise your child. I am so blessed because i once was there myself, because for some reason i will bust a dude upside his head. But they are not worth me going to jail. I thank GOD because i am drama free and he has blessed me with everything i need without a man being in my life.

      • alisha,

        You make it sound like all men are bad. They are not. Most men are good human beings with good hearts. Only some are abusive. Please don’t make it sound otherwise. That is insulting to those men that are good men. It is just like saying all women are crazy bitches and no one should be involved with them. Where would society be if men and women did not ever get together? Society would die out. Remember, without men, there would be no children, either.

        • I am not saying ALL men are bad, Im just saying how we woman can do good without a man. I have watched women go from single, happy, healthy, and successful, then boom here comes a man. Even good men can become a burden on a woman. I have also met some good men, but will I allow them in my life? No, I am majoring in Forensics, own my own home, almost my car, and I have friends and family who love me, so I think i’m doing damn good without a man. I’ve watched too many episodes of SNAPPED, other t.v shows, and even in real life how a woman loses her life to Prison, low self esteem, happiness, or even death because of a man. Yes I am aware that there will be no more children, like we don’t need a break from that for a while. But all I was saying how good we can be without them, i know people are going to still date or marry, just not me. I don’t want to take that risk of being unhappy or lose all i have worked hard for because i allowed a man in my life.

        • No, they are all pretty much dogs. It all boils down to how much a woman can take to make herself think everything is ok. Some women just gotta have that man to make them complete. Some just don’t need the games. Good luck to all who choose whatever it takes to get them by in life.

  35. As someone who has regretfully been in an accident after drunk driving in high heels it is very hard to gain control once u have lost it. To me the video actually does look like an accident. The acceleration of it was exactly what happened to me when I hit two parked cars. I was trying to turn and I stepped on the gas my heel got caught I couldn’t get to the brake in time and it was too late. I feel so sorry for her I don’t think she meant to kill him at all and I hope she gets a better verdict at an appeal

  36. After watching her story, I can’t get it off my mind. This was an accident and the sentence was ridiculous. I have seen shows where people are driving their cars into buildings and other cars by mistake because they can’t stop or lose control of the wheel or gas pedal. They continue through coffee shops and stores taking out people as they ram on through. These people didn’t mean to demolish what was in their path, but they just couldn’t stop. If you watch Keisha’s video in real time, she is going so fast, it all happened in seconds. If you watch the video in slow motion…it takes forever and looks intentional. Did she turn the wheel all the way to the right trying to climb over into the drivers seat and not realize it until she stepped on the gas? What went wrong? So many questions unanswered. Shame on the Jury for giving this lady life. I hope they can’t sleep at night. I wish there was something I could do to help Keisha because I know within my heart she DID NOT mean to kill her husband. This is one case that will stay with me forever.

  37. I feel sorry for Keisha. I just saw the episode and it had me in tears. On the show it showed that when he got out and she got over she was fumbling with the peddles. But did anyone see that it lookes like when he parked the car on the opposite side of the street it looks like the wheels were turned out. So when she started to pull off the car automatically went that way. If she is as short as they described and she had on those high heels they could have gotten stuck or anything. I would understand them punishing her for being intoxicated but I dont feel that life in prison for first degree murder is right. I feel she loved her husband and would not intentionally have tried to kill him. Her lawyers should have done a little more research on her case. I know it will not bring him back to her, there children, or his family but right is right n wrong is wrong. I feel they are wrong. Even his own mom said how she loved him. Praying that she gets an appeal and they can come up with some new evidence and get her out or get her sentence substantially reduced so she can get home to her children. She will already have to live with this for the rest of her life anyways and there children without him. Justice will prevail and she will be with her babies.

    • lady bug,

      You say you feel sorry for Keisha and everything in your comment is about her. However, what about Tyrone Taylor? Not once did you mention any compassion for him or his family. Remember, Tyrone Taylor IS the real victim here, no matter how you feel about Keisha. Yes, it may have been an accident, but unfortunately, Tyrone is dead. He deserves more compassion and sympathy than anyone else. Please find some compassion and love in your heart for him as well.

      • You are correct! His family loved him too. But 2 things, she should be punished but not life for two reason punished because she was drinking and killed him. But not for life because I don’t not think she meant to killed him and I know the heel issue is real and women know this is true so men please stop speaking on the heels. But she should not be in jail for life from both of their kids.

        • I’m totally in agreement. Her attorneys were horrible. She should get a retrial based upon poor legal representation alone.

  38. My heart goes out to her I plan to reach out to her, just watched this on Snapped and had to do a spoiler alert to myself because I googled her to know what happened. I’m shocked she didn’t accept the plea. No I don’t think she killed him on purpose, but I do think she was intoxicated in Red Bottoms hoping over to the drivers seat could most definitely cause some type of accident or incidental speed by the rate of how fast the car was going you could tell the vehicle was out of control. I have kids too and it went like this for me.You did something wrong whether you meant to do it or not does not matter go home in 5-10-15 years or Never!? Appeal won’t work she took the risk and had a fair trial, But Jesus is a miracle worker he’s my judge and jury so if her faith is in him she’ll get through it. My prayers go out to all families. Both sides lost. I know TyroneJr did not want motherless children despite it all.

  39. That’s my cousin and if yall knew them like i know them you would know they loved each other and she would never do something like that they have kids and she loves them to much to have done this on purpose

  40. This is such a sad story. I’m certain that Keisha never thought in a million years that her situation would end like this… All because of a split second decision/reaction while intoxicated. I definitely don’t think she meant to kill him, but she possibly meant to bump/scare him. I hate that she has to suffer in prison for this, those kids need her more than anything. I pray that she gets her appeal. My hear truly goes out to BOTH families.

  41. I think she received the proper punishment. No matter where you are from or what color skin you have, you can’t just run someone down. A plea deal was offered for third degree murder but she declined it. Being drunk is not an excuse. She knew she had been drinking so she shouldn’t have gotten behind the wheel in the first place. To top that the video evidence clearly shows her accelerating not breaking as she steered right for him. A man lost his life because she was angry and drunk. Utterly senseless

  42. Pure and simple, that video shows it was murder, not an accident, but murder. Keisha is where she needs to be.

  43. I just wonder if the situation was reversed and the husband killed Keisha in the same manner, would all you females be trying to defend him? Many of you ladies are hypocrits and know damn well you would be ready to lock him up and throw away the key. But because it’s a woman, you have a soft heart for her.

  44. I do believe the scenario of her losing control n her heel getting stuck bc IT HAPPENED to me but thankfully no one got hurt r killed in my situation not to mention alchol played a huge role in this I sincerely believe this was an accident that resulted in a young man losing his life my prayers are with both sides of the families

  45. After watching this episode on snapped I feel that her lawyers did not do a good job defending her. It’s clear that ms jones was transitioning into the driver seat holding the steering wheel and the shoes was too high and it excellerated. Soon as he got out the car you see the wheels starts to turn on the truck. This is clearly a freak accident.

  46. Just watched this on Snapped yesterday. I think she made a terrible decision and unfortunately she had a 2000lb + weapon at her disposal. One second of not thinking be you intoxicated or not can cost you the whole rest of your life. People are still responsible for the actions they take whether purely intentional or purely accidental. I do believe she meant to hit him although I cant say I believe she wanted to kill him. My heart goes out to all the families involved especially Tyrones. No one deserves to die in that manner!! Horrible

  47. It seems like most of you are overlooking the fact that she could have taken a deal in the beginning and gotten 3rd degree mur. (10 to 15), she turned it down. From my stand point she did it on purpose, but as the defense put it, alcohol lowers your inhibitions. On a personal note, after watching the Snapped episode, i have made a commitment to stop drinking.

    • I can understand why she wouldn’t. If you were in court for an accident and they wanted you to plead guilty even if you weren’t would you? Would you be able to live everyday knowing that everyone knows you plead guilty to killing someone? That any job you would apply for would see you as a murder? You can NEVER get that label removed, you would always be seen as a murderer even if no one but you knows.
      She didnt want that for herself or her kids. Pleading guilty to something that she (possibly) didnt do is no way to go about life. Her kids would always be the children of a murderer. Parents would fear for their kids lives and they would be outcasts, no one would go to play or hang with them because they fear she’d kill them.
      If you were in her situation and you didn’t do this on purpose, you wouldn’t plead guilty either. She fought til the end because she knew she was innocent.

  48. My heart goes out to Keisha Jones & family I pray she get an appeal.

  49. I new Tyrone aka Fes personally and I am saddened by this. I do believe she was trying to scare him…but in the heat of the moment she killed him and deserves what she got…life!

  50. Beautiful young lady hope the rest of her life isn’t spent in jail. Rip Tyrone

  51. She was too drunk to drive! Give her a brake

    • Cheryl,

      How does that excuse her behavior? She should not have been driving if she was drunk and this tragedy would never have happened. I understand supporting her, but you are excusing criminal behavior (drunk driving). Give her a brake? What exactly do you mean?

  52. So let me get this straight. this woman got the same sentence as someone would that premeditates and kills someone?

    Doesn’t make sense. I highly doubt she would have done this if she was not inebriated. It should have been involuntary manslaughter at best.

  53. Just finish watching, I believe it was an accident. She was mad at him for getting out the car, an try to speed off to leave him an she thought she had that turn but didn’t. My prays are with her their Children and Familes for their lost.

  54. God Bless Mr & Mrs Jones ( Tyrone & Keisha). Prayers for the babies and a woman who sits in jail with a heavy guilt daily. World turned upside dwn in a instant!!!! Critics can only criticize. …nobody can Judge her / us. For who knows a persons thoughts except that persons own spirit within ? In the same way no one knows the thoughts of GOD expect the spirit of GOD. ( 1Cor 2:11) Word up people. Nobody knows a person intentions good or bad but God. He has all power & I PRAY TO GOD KEISHA WILL BE HOME SOONER THAN LATER.

  55. I think this is so sad. I think it was an accident involving too much alcohol, anger and high heels! If she really killed him intentionally she would have taken the 3rd degree charge first offered to her serving 10-15 years. She knew it wasn’t on purpose so she tried her luck with our shitty justice system. And it obviously did her wrong. In the end nobody wins. I pray for the children. Only God knows what really happened

  56. I pray for you and your family keep your faith and remain strong this a a sad story my heart goes out to you and your family as a mother of four children myself God sees your struggle drinking takes all kind of wrong turns my heart goes out to Tyrone’s family as well just a devastating situation ……

  57. Guys as sad as I feel for the families ….the children….I mean it’s terrible…and I don’t think in her right mind wanted to kill him…but take away knowing her background and everything nice they said about her ….this is no different than vehicular homicide from dui……if they shared this story and you didn’t know her background of being a great mother ….you wouldn’t feel sorry…you’d be mad that she decided to “drink and drive” and hate her because a dumb decision cost someone their life I’m sure most vehicular homicides from people driving under the influence weren’t intentional….it was a mistake!
    But when you decide to take the wheel under the influence then you should be held accountable…it’s just unfortunate that she’s not the monster youd hope that someone dui would be…she just happened to be a sweet mother….but if you let her off…does that mean. Every other person thats seemingly sweet BUT takes a life under the influence should get off too???

  58. This was, by far, the saddest “Snapped” episode I have ever seen. My heart goes out to both families. I would like to write Keisha. How do I do so? I mean, how do I get the address and her inmate I.D?

    • Sharee,

      I cannot find an inmate number or physical address for her. Here is the info I have:

      SCI Muncy
      P.O. Box 180
      Muncy, PA 17756
      (570) 546-3171

      You could call there and get the info.

  59. If she was wanted to be free and have a chance to see her kids grow up she should have taken care the deal instead of wanting all or nothing. She didn’t want to be punished in anyway.

  60. My heart go out to keisha jones it was accidental I feel so bad she was drinking it things went bad I pray for you and your children

  61. I don’t believe she intentionally harmed her husband. It’s cruel not only to her but her children and family to have to lose their father and mother forever. It is clear that Keisha was full of remorse and compassion. I pray that she receives justice and is reunited with her family.

    • Everyone has there opinion about the situation…so if I was the judge I would of let her go…you ask why? Because if everyone saying she love him so much she’s going to suffer anyway..It was and prayers goes out to her an her family…an Tyrone family..R.I.H Tyrone

  62. This was trully an accident, how could anyone convict her of 1st degree murder, and allow that Anthony girl to go free. I cannot sit in judgment of anyone because, I would not want any human to sit and judge me. She will win her appeal, and be allowed to go home to her children. As you can see this system doesn’t work. You are free until proven guilty but, yet your force to stay in jail until your case is heard, the jurors is suppose to be your ” peers” but yet, none live in your neighbor hood, went to your schools, shop at your stores, work in your area, or had any if your struggles. Umm ! Now tell me how fair is this.

  63. This woman had an alcohol level considerably greater than the legal limit, and was emotionally and physically incapable of safely driving a car. This is no excuse, but she had no intention of all, in my opinion, of hurting let alone killing the love of her life. The video shows the very fast turn of the situation, but how on earth could this have been premeditated and intentional? I would have asked each and every one of those jurors that if they could not look Ms Jones in the eye, and truly say this loving wife and mother would intentionally kill her beloved husband; they must think twice. It is clear how much she loved her husband, and she had an abundance of people to vouch for her, including members of Tyrone’s family. Conviction of first degree murder is a joke. Ms Jones has children she loves more than anything, and they now have no parent to guide them through life and experience both its pleasures and hardships. She is prone to winning her appeal based on the circumstances; if not, I don’t know what the justice system is all about.

  64. I do not believe Keisha Jones intentionally tried to run over and cause her husband death while operating her suv. This clearly was a tragic accident. Unfortunately, caused by her impairment due to alcohol. This is injustice! She does not deserve a life sentence…I’m appalled at our justice system! I pray for both families to heal. I pray that Keisha gets a new appeal. Therefore, she can be a mother to her children. GOD SEE THAT JUSTICE BE GIVEN APPROPRIATELY FOR KEISHA`S ACTIONS, NOT A LIFE SENTENCE…

  65. i saw this episode on snapped and it makes me so sad for the children..may GOD be with both families. this taught me when having a heated argument with my mate that no one is worth losing your life over..just walk away…may god bless the children and keisha’s and tyrone’s parents..

  66. If it was in the heat of the moment she should have been charged with second degree murder. I do not think charging her with first was justified. I am not sure this was premeditated. Her defense may have worked and put a reasonable doubt in the mind of the jurors but the video was very clear.

  67. I was wondering, I saw this case on tv, and I was completely moved by it. I honest to God beilve with all that is in me, this woman did not kill her husband on purpose. I mean, she just didn’t. At the end of the episode I saw her case was being opened for a follow up trial and I was wondering if there is any news on that? I mean is she going to be released? How is she doing? Anything.

  68. You did the crime pay with time! She made the wrong decision that was fatal she shouldn’t have gotten behind that wheel and it so happened to steer his way and not straight ahead you can’t bring him back don’t feel sorry for her! She deserves it! !!!!

  69. I saw her story last night on SNAPPED & i just knew that she would get off with atleast manslaughter. I viewed the video & it did not seem like she intended to hit him. Iwas also wondering why her team did not stress hard enough to take that deal of 3rd degree!!! sad situation all the way around.

  70. Why was a mother of four small children out clubbing and drinking ? Some mother

  71. I just saw this story on snapped. I was devastated to say the least at the outcome. When I saw that her conviction was overturned in 2014 I literally broke out in tears! I can’t find much recent information on Keisha so I’m wondering has she got her new trial yet? She is in my prayers..

  72. Watched this on Snapped. Smh. The young lady was offered a plea. She should have taken it. Whether she intended to kill him is irrelevant. She was responsible for the young man’s death. She needed to take responsibility for her actions that led to his death. His life ended that night. She had choices. He did not.

  73. I just watched this on Snapped… Does anyone know how I can write this young lady? Thanks

  74. The sad part is that children have to grow up without there mother an father. But I don’t believe that no one had mentioned the amount of time she had to stop the vehicle before it crushed this man into the wall. Her cousin was in the car an she stated that she told her cousin to stop. Then you have those that want to blame it on the alcohol in my mind that’s just an excuse. An then there’s the excuse about the heel. I where heels all the time but I keep flat shoes in my car to drive with an put my heel on after I have reached my destination. An man’s life has been taken away she’ll live on but he wont.

  75. Although I don’t feel as if Keisha doesn’t deserve some sort of punishment. I don’t believe she needs life in prison. Nobody that really meant to kill someone shows the emotions she did after her husbands death. Just the fact that she will have to live with what she did, and have to hope and pray her babies won’t hate her for it is going to be punishment in its self. It might be that she convinced herself the she tried to stop the car, but she was intoxicated. Your judgement is very impaired. It was a horrible mistake gone wrong. And for that, I’m sure she will never get over. I’m sooo sorry that this family and Mrs. Jones has to go through this terrible tragedy.

  76. The Snapped episode is on again. Keisha is guilty of making a stupid decision and so was her attorney. People make dumb moves in life all the time (it happens to us all), but she made more than one and unfortunately the consequences were dire for both her and her husband.

  77. I came here after watching Snapped a few days ago. I could not believe she was sentenced to life for committing vehicular manslaughter or just manslaughter of her dear husband? The EMTs had to care for her torn up knees because she cut them up in the glass while crying and holding him. She wasn’t a criminal but a mom and wife that made a horrible mistake that sadly caused the death of her hubby?? She has to spend 20 hours a day in a cell until she dies?? That’s torture only harden criminals should have!! Just horrible and cruel way to treat her. Since the case aired again, I’m sure a few high IQ Jewish attorneys are going to look deeper into the facts of her trial for the sake of her children and humanity.

  78. I too just watched this on snapped and it breaks my heart to see a fight between husband and wife turn into death for both. This is exactly why there should be no driving drunk especially wit some high heels on your feet. I think anger mixed with alcohol on top of trying to drive made this situation turn out so bad. Now the children have to grow up without parents. I don’t believe she deserves life, but I do feel she has to pay for her bad decisions that night. Do I think she intentially ran her husband over Hell no, but I believe she was drunk dumb and pissed off with her husband and at that point should not have been behind the wheel of a car. Keisha Jones I will def pray for you and your family, please take this time to get to know GOD pray for forgiveness and pray to get back to your children. GOD Bless!!!

  79. I’ve seen this episode on Snapped a few times and it always moves me. Here you have a pretty young lady with 4 kids with TWO good baby daddies and one loses his life over what? An argument? From what I’ve read, this wasn’t Keisha’s 1st time running Tyrone down. Yeah she was intoxicated and had high heels on….Absolutely NO reason for this young man to lose his life. The law in PA is life when convicted of murder, she refused the 10-15 so…she gambled and lost. The video doesn’t lie, she aimed for Tyrone and when his body hit the hood, how did she not see or hear him on the hood of her car? I can’t feel sorry for someone who can’t be honest. She was pissed and wanted to hurt him…say that, apologize and take the plea but don’t think you are walking away from this with no punishment. Feel sorry for Tyrone! He sounded like a good man who deserved better

  80. She shouldn’t be locked up ,it was clearly a accident by a horribly intoxicated woman.If she was white she would have not been charged with ist degree murder.However this is racist America

    • ricoh,

      White women get charged with first degree murder, too. Maybe you have not heard of Jodi Arias? Or other white women who are on death row along with black women. And yes, Keisha Jones was intoxicated and should never have been driving! No excuse there.

      Please remember, the focus of my blog is the victim. On this post it is Tyrone Taylor. Please remember him. You did not mention him at all.

      However, my blog is about the victim

      • Jodi Arias took pictures and is a socio-path. She was not married to this man. She wanted him and he wanted a Mormon wife but he played a game with Jodi too because of his weakness. He allowed this lady in and out of his bed. He didn’t realize that she was a socio-path until he was being stabbed to death in the shower. How can you compare that case to what occurred between Kiesha and Tyrone-you can’t. It was an accident. She wanted badly to continue the argument and she jumped in that driver seat too fast. You don’t where 6 inch heels and you’re not a short female driving an SUV, upset and intoxicated. I feel really bad for this woman. I feel bad for Tyrone as well but that does not mean that Kiesha should be in jail until she dies. I can’t imagine the pain she felt for taking her husband’s life and then again for being sentenced to life in prison for something that was clearly not intentional and not premeditated by any means. If you know black women then you know we love a good argument and we love to be right. I believe she was simply trying to follow him to get the last word in that argument but because of her intoxication she was just to hyper elevated and she did everything all wrong.

  81. I just saw this story on Snapped. My heart goes out to you Keisha as well as your kids. I know in your mind you didn’t mean to take your husband life. That’s why you took it to trial. You couldn’t let them make you believe that. However you did take his life, but I truly don’t believe it was intentionally. Nevertheless, we are held accountable for our Actions! Every Action has a ReAction! I pray that your sentence get lessen at your appeal. You don’t deserve to be in there for the rest of your life! Tyrone seemed like a good man, and I pray for y’all children who lost two loving parents. I also pray God shield them and order their steps. I would love to write you. If anyone has her information please share it. Stay encourage Keisha…. GOD BLESS

  82. I feel sorry for her we all done things drunk not thinking i dont feel as though she tried to kill him but i do believe she ment to scare him and because she was drinking lost control of her foot because of the heel the sentence is to harsh she already is suffering not having her husband in her life Obama save that young lady its only right!

    • the law doesn’t make concessions for intoxication, it hears the case, without regard to alcohol consumption. taking that into account, it sounds like involuntary,voluntary manslaughter, or 3rd degree murder, but not 1st degree murder.

      • The evidence showed that she was incapacitated and when she veered the vehicle toward her husband was only reflections in other words she was going thru motions…
        How do i know that ???
        When i was in the military a few guys was on the 2nd floor on the balcony at the barracks drinking when suddenly the wind blew someone hat off and he jumped trying to catch it and fell to his death, the ivestigation determined that his reflection put his body in motion in the direction of the object…
        There’s no doubt in my mind that’s what happened in this case.

  83. I believe it was truly an accident…At the moment she meant to hit the brake she hit the gas. Alcohol & heels not a good combination!!

  84. Puh-leez! Cut out the “if she was a cute white girl” bit. You and I know that lots females of all races who commit crimes like murder receive life and sometimes death.

    Someone mentioned that she wasn’t judged by a jury of her peers. C’mon, keep it real. You know doggone well a large % of blacks HATE jury duty with a passion. They’ll do anything to get out of it. Usually, these blacks have lots of relatives and friends who are criminals and thugs so to sit on a jury makes them against criminal behavior.

    Whether it was an accident or intention, Keisha didn’t even take into consideration that he was walking away from her. He was no threat to her whatsoever. He didn’t yell and cuss her out. He didn’t punch or slap her. Nor did he throwbher tothe ground. And look at what he getsvfor walking away from an angry black female. Keisha’s locked up because Keisha had anger issues which lead to her being out of control the night she used a car as a weapon to kill her boyfriend.

    Obviously, she had no thoughts of her children or that she was gonna leave them without a father or around to raise them.

  85. I’ve hear several ppl say she had tried to run him down b4…also she wz abusive to him…my decision is now clouded intent or accident? Alcohol brings out the worst in all but also gives us that fearlessness to say and do what we wrongfully won’t do under normal circumstances. B4 we can really determine if this was unwrong decision ask yourself why would your cuz testify for prosecution, why did Tyrone leave the vehicle, what did he say that enraged her to jump into drivers seat…did he threaten to leave her which caused here to run him down in heat of Anger then realize what she had done…Remorseful killed her Love

  86. @Beckey, there are 30 year old white females in prison and their looks have nothing to do with their crimes or sentences. What you are really saying is that since she’s black, Keisha should not’ve received anything but a life sentence even though she intentionally killed her husband.

  87. What this an act of passion? Yes! Alcohol played a part but that does not excuse her actions. She should of took the plea because what we saw on the video was explicit with intent. Not only the car accelerated but it turned into the victim as well. Even her cousin felt it was on purpose and her statements speaks a lot since she was actually there. It shouldn’t matter if she have kids or not, murder is murder. If that’s was a family member of mine I would expect them to do jail time because that was awful what she did.

    • Since when is driving while intoxicated an EXCUSE for killing someone? if someone is under the influence and makes the decision to get behind the driver side of a vehicle… And then hits someone and that person dies from the injuries… Then that is MURDER!!! What is wrong with you people? To say that THE HEELS ON HER FEET are more of a reason for the murder than THE DRUNK PERSON driving the vehicle… Is LUDACRIS! Thank GOD those of you who are defending her actions werent part of this jury.

  88. In the heat of passion, we do things we wouldn’t do if we were thinking reasonably. Unfortunately for Mrs. Jones, she was mad at that moment and wanted to hit her husband. She just never thought of the consequences that would bring. It looks like all lawyers involved (prosecutors and defense) saw this and offered her a deal, (10 years), because even though it was in the heat of passion, a man died. We cannot let her off just because she was angry in that moment. Mrs. Jones decided she did not want to serve any time and took her chances. No lawyer can make a client take a deal. Her family did not want her to take the deal either. This is one of the consequences of drinking too much. Tyrone chose to get out of the car and walk away. Keisha chose to get in the drivers seat and vent her anger. Sorry for both families.

  89. She got what she deserved. Heartless bitch

  90. I cried even before I heard the verdict I cried for Keisha her children.her mother her immediate familyI cried for Tyrone family as well and most of all I cried for the loss of his life but surely within my heart I cried…Keisha did not deserve first degree murder. sentence to life……it was an accident..believe you me from experience I know with in a split second being intoxicated behind the wheel of a vehicle horrific things can happen but again Justice was not served yes she should have been dealt with accordingly but not first-degree my eyes she was only looking for her love and when she made that turn it was too late…he was right there….too late to break too late to go back too late…wearing those heels..driving while intoxicated…frantically looking for her love not to kill him …..unfortunately again she should not be convicted of murder first degree…I say this with all respect to both families God bless and to Tyrone….RIP

  91. Alvin
    I’m a retired Police Officer and just had saw the episode “Snapped” lets all go forward hy writing the President regarding a Pardon for Keisha Jones, I will.

  92. I feel that the sentence was too stiff! I believe that she didn’t intentionally murder her husband and that she loved him.

  93. This was a very sad and emotional episode to watch. I don’t feel she deserved a life sentence. Yes she took a life but I really feel it wasn’t intentionally done. I believe she’s remorseful and will have to live with the consequences for the rest of her life. I wish she would have taken the plea at least she would have been able to get out to be a mother to her children. That video was so intense and powerful that’s what did it. I will go on praying for her, the children, and that she get an appeal.

  94. I don’t believe Keisha intended to kill her husband.I believe she loved him.I do believe she was drunk which is against the law and I believe because she was drunk some freakish things happen which caused her husbands death….I saw she got a new trial and I was hoping that they would go easy, but she was almost forced to plead guily to 3rd degree murder and the judge gave her 15 to 30 years.

  95. I just watched the ‘Snapped’ episode featuring Keisha Jones (on New Zealand tv). I was shocked to see the guilty verdict and have attempted to find details of the re-trial (I’m not very computer-savvy!).

    I truly believe Keisha didn’t deliberately kill her husband and that it was indeed a tragic accident fuelled by alcohol. My heart goes out to her dear children more than anything.

    So often it seems that the side presenting the most colourful story wins the case!! I speak from personal experience. I was accused and convicted of a crime I didn’t commit. I served 3 yrs of a 5.5yr sentence and fully understand the tragedy of a wrongful arrest/conviction. I will never be able to describe the pain of being separated from my precious young children.

    Please can you tell me what you may know about the outcome of the re-trial?


  96. Its a case of motion thru reflection but not intentional so the charges is a travesty and so is the conviction

  97. I just got finished watching this story on Snapped. I think that this is a terrible case all around. I feel bad for the children most of all. I think she should have done no more than ten years. I’m sure she meant to do harm out of anger & not being sober, But I highly doubt she meant to kill him. This is clearly poor judgement that led to a terrible concequence. Now unless she gets an appeal her children will be mother & fatherless. The justice system is truly flawed! I pray she wins her appeal.

  98. That is such a senseless thing that happen see what happens when we have alcohol in our system we don’t think and our judgment is not ad good as when we are sober. I pray that the family is well because they will get through this

  99. I personally knew Kiesha, and watched her grow up. Everything that was said about her character was not the person I had come to know. She was very respectful, loving and her children and husband were her whole life. I had the pleasure of meeting her husband after my nieces wedding. I remember seeing them sitting on the steps hugging one another and I remember saying to my best friend that” Those two are in love”. It was then that I was told that they were married. Look people, it’s so ugly how the police cover up Real evidence and statements to make people like Kiesha Jones look guilty of purposefully setting out to kill. She was granted a new trial because it was discovered that the jury wasn’t allowed to hear Kieshas full police statement during her trial. The prosecutor only played bits in pieces from it that made it seem like she only confessed to purposefully meaning to kill him, when in reality the heal of her shoe got lodged, forcing her to bear down on the gas pedal preventing her from stopping the car. She never even saw Tyrone walking in front of the car. The video made it look like she turned into him on purpose, instead of her losing control because her foot got stuck. Easy to judge people based on media, police reports with knowing the real truth. She was a 32yr old mother who loved her family and although she was not perfect or even close to it because no one is, I know she loves that man and his death was an accident. I pray for that young girl and all the thousands of people who are and have been wrongly judged and coerced into making false statements and unjustly convicted based on the police departments inadequacy and our court systems bullcrap. It was an accident!! Stop being so naive and gullible. There are so many innocent people in jail. That video only shows the struggle outside the car. There’s no video or voice recording for what actually happened inside that car after he got out.

  100. I just saw this on Snapped. Did y’all notice how soon the truck started moving forward after Tyronne got out? In 3 to 4 seconds she hopped from the passenger seat to the driver seat, put the truck in gear, turned the wheel and hit the gas before Tyronne got half way across the street. How can you do all that and call it an accident? You can’t. Guilty!

    • YES! I noticed that as well. Seems as though Keisha’s shoes didn’t get in her way when she jumped from one seat to the next. She went after Tyrone in a matter of seconds. I truly believe Keisha ran him over on purpose.

  101. I really don’t think she meant to kill him ,it all happen so quick and to know alcohol played a part makes it even worst ,but to have family that’s “intoxicated” as well to make you look like a cold blooded killer to me that hurt her trial prayers for you my sister ….Keisha say strong I know everyday you blame yourself don’t do it be encouraged..

  102. I am trying to locate up to date information re: Keisha Jones’ case. If she truly wanted to be with her children, she should have JUMPED on that 10-15 year offer!!! How on EARTH she would think that the jury would find her not guilty when the entire incident was caught on TAPE is beyond me. I bet she will jump on it if they offer it AGAIN!!!

  103. I just saw this on snapped.I really believe it was an accident.So 😢

    • Yeah, so 😢 that someone accidently got ran over by the person they left in the passenger seat just 4 seconds prior. Wonder how that happened……

  104. Does anyone know if Ms Jones will be eligible for parole?

    • I could not find the information anywhere. But I will try to call and find out.

    • Google search shows in Pennsylvania, life means your natural life, with no possibility of parole.

      • But her sentence was overturned and she got 15-30 years.

      • TY. I think she had crappy legal representation. And to be charged with possession of a deadly weapon (the car) is absolutely ridiculous.

        • What if Tyrone was a child and the person driving used a vehicle to go after someone standing near the child and they were both struck? It’s not ridiculous to be charged with using a car as a weapon. However, it’s senseless for a person, drunk or not, to use a vehicle to cause bodily harm towards others.

  105. Anyone who is getting there opinion off of snapped is a damn fool, every episode is geared towards making the woman sound innocent and excusing away there actions. Other stories state she even admitted to hurting him more then once why should it be surprising that she went further and killed him. Let’s all get one thing straight if this was a man who ran over his wife you would be calling for his head, there is no excuse for what she did and is guilty as sin. No one accidently turns 90 degrees and accelerates by accident, she deserves nothing but contempt. You people feeling sorry for this woman are sickening SHE TOOK A LIFE at least she still has hers unlike the man she murdered. Why do all of you people seem to think woman can do no wrong??

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