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  1. Just finished reading updates on both girls- Cindy Collier has redeemed herself somewhat, however Shirley Wolf is back in prison and it makes me so sad- its always the difference between solid foundations and family support. Shirley Wolf was born alone and she’s still alone, nobody cared then or now, and that’s how you create a sociopath! Just sayin

    • Mara,

      Where did you read that Shirley was back in prison? I checked the inmate locator for California and she is not listed.

      • Hi Bonnie, Joan Merrian who wrote a book about the two girls says Shirley received an extra few yrs in prison for escape attempts. Upon release she’s been brought back for prostitution, assault, etc. She might be in another state as she left to visit her dad in another state who wanted nothing to do w/her (I guess taking her virginity was enough) leaving her entirely w/out family.

        • Oh, yes, that I knew. I thought you meant that Shirley was in prison now. According to the inmate locator in California she is not there now. But I expect she will continue going in and out of prison.

  2. its amazing Im wondering if this had been two boys would they be still be alive? or even able to be paroled

    • Why wouldn’t the boys be alive? Since these girls were juveniles, they did not qualify for the death penalty. That would apply to boys as well. And more than likely, yes, they would have been paroled as well. Juveniles get out sooner than adults. I am, of course, assuming you meant boys the same age as Cindy and Shirley.

  3. hello. I went to school with Shirley Wolf in Pleasant Valley Ca (few miles outside of Placerville). All I will say is-It was bad, and were talking grammer school days, she was treated pretty bad by the kids-haunts me in a way-but am more haunted by what the victum and her family has had to endure. But I can see why shirley turned out the way she did, I will ALWAYS feel very bad for the “child” Shirley Wolf-honestly I can’t imagine-I think most of us would maybe have killed out selves dealing with the “nonsense”(shit) that went on. Gold Oak School-Pleasant Valley Ca.

    • I went to school with Shirley in pleasant valley .never knew just how messed up she was till all the news coverage

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