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  1. You should probably know what your talking about if your going to post something. This is not a picture of Trevor braymiller.

  2. I have not yet seen a picture of him how are we supposed to know what he look like

    • I am hoping they post one soon and I will add it.

      • They have two on king5 news. Other then that his Facebook page has afew. I know this probably doesn’t interest you however I have known trever Sence he was 12. He has mad some stupid mistakes in his young life involving drugs. I was not in his house, which is just down the street from mine, but I am pretty certain that taking this baby’s life was not something trever would do intentionally. Trever loved that little man and treated him like the son he never had. From playing in the front yard to seeing him in the grocery store picking out snacks while pretending the cart was a race car. I’m not worried about an armed criminal tonight. I’m praying for little mans family to heal knowing that he is in heaven. I also pray that trever makes the right decision and turns himself in so everyone will get to heal from hearing what happened.

        • Christy,

          I did get one. While the shooting may have been an accident, and that is the feeling I have, Trevor is a convicted felon and should not have had a gun in the first place. And that is a crime that can get a person federal prison time. Bad mistake that led to this child’s death. But you are right, and remembering this innocent child is most important right now. I also hope he turns himself in. Things will be better for all.

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