Psycho For Love: Thomas J. Capano killed Anne-Marie Fahey when she tried to break up with him

Anne-Marie Fahey
Anne-Marie Fahey

Thomas Capano was found in his prison cell dead from a heart attack on September 19 2011.

Find-A-Grave: Anne Marie Fahey
Another Twist In Fahey Mystery
Lawyer faces trial in murder
Lawyer offered deal in murder mystery
Prosecution rests in Capano case
Murder suspect removed after tirade
Capano forced to describe mistress’ death in graphic detail
Capano winds up testimony
Ex-state prosecutor, convicted of murder, now fights for his life
Slain woman’s kin relate their feelings
Spare Capano, ex-wife pleads
Jury votes for death penalty for Capano
Capano judge likely to OK death verdict
Thomas Capano Back in Court
Capano Death Sentence Overturned
No Death Penalty for Thomas Capano
Fatal Attraction: Behind The Facade
Fatal Attraction: Caught In A Trap
Murderpedia: Thomas Capano
Wikipedia: Thomas Capano
Examiner: Capano died of sudden cardiac arrest
10 years later, memories of murder persist

And Never Let Her Go: Thomas Capano The Deadly Seducer
Fatal Embrace: The Inside Story Of The Thomas Capano/Anne Marie Fahey Murder Case
Summer Wind: Thomas Capano and the Murder of Anne Marie Fahey
Above the Law
Murder In Delaware: Anne Marie Fahey and Tom Capano

Vanity Fair Confidential: The Secret of the Sumerwind
Blood, Lies, and Alibis: In Too Deep
48 Hours: A Deadly Affair (you can watch it here)
And Never Let Her Go
Behind Mansion Walls: Rich Justice

Thomas Capano
Thomas Capano

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