Katelyn Wolfe murder 6/6/2013 Bloomfield, IN *Jordan Buskirk and Randal Crosley charged with her murder*

Katelyn Wolfe
Katelyn Wolfe

Facebook: Remembering Katelyn Wolfe
Facebook: Katelyn Wolfe
Police: Katelyn Wolfe Murder Suspects Wanted to Know What It Felt Like to Kill
Katelyn Wolfe Update: Drug deal led to Ind. teen’s murder of “opportunity” by two best friends, affidavit alleges
Autopsy provides Linton police clues in Katelyn Wolfe’s death
Katelyn Wolfe homicide: Affidavit alleges men’s scheme
Suspects sent 19-year-old Katelyn Wolfe’s final Facebook post after killing her, police say
Murder suspects hijack victim’s Facebook page to throw off police
More Details Surrounding Katelyn Wolfe’s Murder
Linton murder suspects plead not guilty; Suspect’s father apologizes

Buskirk and Crosley
Jordan Buskirk and Randal Crosley

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