Deadly Duo: Adolfo Constanzo and Sara Aldrete

Mark Kilroy
Mark Kilroy

Known Victims
Mark J. Kilroy [March 1989]
Martin Quintana Rodríguez
Hector de la Fuente
Moises Castillo
Raul Paz Esquivel
Jorge Valente
Ezequiel Rodriguez Luna
Ruben Vela Garza
Ernesto Rivas Diaz
unidentified male stranger
unidentifed male stranger
Gilberto Sosa

Cult leader used charisma to manipulate, paper says
Two More Bodies Found Near Cult Kiling Site
Charnel house searched; police seek cult’s leader
Leader in Cult Slayings Ordered Own Death, Two Companions Say
Aldrete Said to Confess Role in Ritual Slayings
Cult leader’s body is flown to Mexico
Cult suspect dies of AIDS
Boneyard Ramble
Drug Cult ‘Priestess’ Declares She’s Not Involved In Slayings
Profile: Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo
Murderpedia: Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo
Murderpedia: Sara Maria Aldrete
CrimeLibrary: Adolfo Constanzo
CrimeLibrary: Team Killers, Part Three
Biography: Adolfo Constanzo
20th Anniversary Of Mark Kilroy Death & Cult Killing’s
Drugs, Death and the Occult Meet In Grisly Inquiry at Mexico Border
Wikipedia: Adolfo Constanzo
Wikipedia: Sara Aldrete
Woman called priestess of satanic cult says she’s changed / Inmate has served 15 years in prison in Mexico for ritual sacrifices of 13 people
Excerpt from “The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers”

Sacrifice: The Tragic Cult Murder of Mark Kilroy in Matamoros : A Fathers Determination to Turn Evil into Good
Me Dicen la Narcosatanica (Best Seller (Debolsillo)) (Spanish Edition) (by Sara Aldrete – could not find English edition)
Bitches Gone Killer!: An Anthology of 45 of the Scariest Women You’ll Ever Meet!
More Scary Bitches!: 15 More of the Scariest Women You’ll Ever Meet!
In Pursuit of Satan: The Police and the Occult
She Devils: True Stories of the World’s Most Notorious Female Serial Killers
The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers

Poisoned Passions: Sacrificial Evil
Most Evil: Cult Leaders
Borderland (horror movie loosely based on this cult)
Passport to Murder: Mark Kilroy

Constanzo and Aldrete
Adolfo de Jesús Constanzo aka El Padrino de Matamoros (The Godfather of Matamoros)
Sara María Aldrete Villareal aka La Madrina

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