Update: Seymour Avenue Horror *Ariel Castro indicted on 977 more counts, including 2 murder charges*

Cleveland Survivors

If you have not seen the video of these three extraordinary women, I encourage you to watch it. It is at the bottom of this post. It is very emotional, but so very wonderful to see them and their efforts to build brand new lives and move on from the horror they endured. I don’t think I could be as strong as they are.

Yes, Ariel Castro pled not guilty. Please remember, he is not saying he is innocent. It is basically normal procedure. Very few people pled guilty right away (I can’t recall any who have). Their lawyers would not permit it generally. So don’t stress or obsess over it. I read that he is willing to pled guilty to several charges now. However, that was before the new indictment, but I am betting he is still willing, but they are probably looking for a deal. I don’t think he will get a good one. He will and should spend the rest of his life in prison. The prosecutor is still mulling over charges that would permit the death penalty. I have a feeling he will go by what the girls want, since I don’t think he wants to put them through anymore hell, unless they want to testify. Many victims DO want to testify. It gives them more courage to face the person who put them through hell in the first place.

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  1. […] Update: Seymour Avenue Horror *Ariel Castro indicted on 977 more counts, including 2 murder charges* […]


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