Psycho For Love: Levi Chavez on trial for the murder of his wife, Tera Chavez *Update: Levi Chavez found not guilty*

Tera Chavez
Tera Chavez

Facebook: Justice for Tera Chavez
Levi Chavez murder trial timeline
Levi Chavez Trial, Live Blog (at the top is the newest, scoll down for other days)
The Levi Chavez Case: From the Beginning
Judge excludes statements made by Tera Chavez
Details emerge from Tera Chavez’s affair
Wife of APD officer having affair with Tera Chavez takes stand
Suicide expert testifies in Chavez trial
Client of slain Tera Chavez to testify
Defense: State cobbled together lies to make case against Levi
Levi Chavez’s mother testifies
Levi denies kill Tera; defense rests
Levi Chavez, Joseph Cordova disagree over cabinet that held gun
Tera Chavez’s father called back to stand in murder trial
Last witness called in Levi Chavez trial
Mistresses, steamy affairs and botched police work at centre of New Mexico murder trial
Update: Chavez trial closings
Prosecutor uses toy gun in Chavez trial closing arguments
Former police officer acquitted of murder of wife
Chavez found not guilty

Dateline: The Officer’s Wife

Levi Chavez
Levi Chavez

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  1. Update: They just found him Not Guilty.


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