Psycho For Love: William Douglas killed Robin Nadine Benedict and disposed of her body in a landfill (which has never been found)

Robin Benedict
Robin Nadine Benedict

This is a case that has stuck with me since I read the book, “Missing Beauty”, by Theresa Carpenter. I do not care what Robin had done for a living for a while. She was still a human being with a family and friends. She did NOT deserve what happened to her. She deserved justice, but did not get that. William Douglas made a deal, was sentenced to 20 years for manslaughter. He did not fulfill (in my opinion) his terms of the plea deal. He did not lead them to her body. I believe he lied about where she was. She deserved better than this.

Find-A-Grave: Robin Nadine Benedict
The Charley Project: Robin Benedict
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Robin Benedict missing one year
Despite missing body, suspect confesses
Wife of professor who killed prostitute vows to stand by him
Wife sticks by murderer-husband
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State says murder conviction without producing body ‘victory’
18 to 20 years given slayer of prostitute
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Professor gets top sentence in slaying
Attorneys say life story differs from the TV movie
Robin Benedict Murder
Douglas murder and embezzlement scandal drew interest from media

Missing Beauty (very good book)
True Crime: Massachusetts: the State’s Most Notorious Criminal Cases

Married with Secrets: Obsession Has Its Price
The High Price of Passion
Scorned: Love Kills: Teacher’s Pet

William Douglas
William Douglas

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7 Responses

  1. What happened to William Douglas?


  2. Funny ,he was a teacher near where I live.No justice there…Robin was so young.


  3. I went to High School with Robin, she was a great person and very talented. We all make choices and sometimes there not the correct ones. We try to learn by our mistakes and do better, I believe she was doing better in the early part of 1983. I also believe and pray the monster that murdered her will face judgement day by Gods hand. Rest in peace Robin, you will never be forgotten.

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  4. He killed someone 8 year. White collar killer. No justice . Back in society business as usual.


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