Psycho For Love: Couty Alexander killed his pregnant wife, Christa Ann Alexander, after only less than 4 months of marriage


Christa Alexander
Christa Ann Alexander

Find-A-Grave: Christa Ann Baker Alexander
Couty Alexander Showed His True Colors (GREAT article)
Newlyweds? (another great article)
Husband arrested in murder of pregnant wife
Murdered woman’s father forgives her accused killer
Trial begins for man accused of killing wife
Testimony continues in murder trial
Testimony ends in murder/feticide trial
Plea agreement reached in murder trial

Happily Never After: Led into Temptation


Couty Alexander

Offender ID:557580
Date of Birth:08/15/1985
Age: 27
Race: White
Gender: Male

Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender: Avoyelles Correctional Center

4 Responses

  1. I’d still like to know why Couty did it. He obviously wanted out of his marriage, but he took the wrong way.

  2. Marriage is dressed up as a fantasy, especially by religion, n backed by Hollywood and the media. Being virgins doesnt make it better.
    Just watching the story on a crime channel here in New Zealand.

  3. I’m watching the show happily never after , this is so sad another scott& laci Peterson story why wouldn’t couty just ask for a divorce instead of murdering her & their unborn child , well he’ll meet his maker someday ! God bless both families !

  4. He couldnt walk away because of the whole complete fantasy marriage is created as, thru social expectation and religion, its like a drug, obviously his mental health was not normal. But who could have seen that he wasnt normal? Dont blame me for his condition.

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