Murder In The Family: Beth Carpenter hired Haiman Clein to find someone to kill Anson “Buzz” Clinton, father of her niece, to solve a custody problem

Anson Clinton
Anson “Buzz” Clinton

Find-A-Grave: Anson B. “Buzz” Clinton, III
Extradition hearing set for murder suspect
Carpenter murder trial begins today
Teen-ager tells court how father carried out murder in Clein case (part 1)
Teen testifies about shooting in Clein murder-for-hire case (part 2)
Son Says He Saw Father Commit Murder
Despres gets 45 years in Clinton killing
Lawyer Beth Carpenter gets life for ordering relative’s murder
Murder-for-hire Plotter Sentenced
Murderpedia: Beth Ann Carpenter
Carpenter again looks for reduction in her life sentence

I’d Kill For You: Mother In-Law
Lethal Guardian
Murder: A Family Affair


Blood Relatives: Buzz Kill
Snapped: Beth Carpenter
The Investigators: Fatal Betrayal: Beth Carpenter

Haiman Clein – pled guilty, sentenced to 35 years in prison
Mark Despres – pled guilty, sentenced to 45 years in prison
Beth Carpenter – convicted, sentenced to LWOP


Beth Carpenter

Inmate Number: 274842
Date of Birth: 11/23/1963
Latest Admission Date: 4/12/2002
Current Location: YORK CI
Bond Amount: 0
Controlling Offense*: CAPITAL FELONY F
Date of Sentence: 8/2/2002
Maximum Sentence: 999 Year(s) 99 Month(s) 999 Day(s)
Maximum Release Date: Not Applicable
Estimated Release Date: Not Applicable
Special Parole End Date: Not Applicable
Detainer: NONE


Haiman Clein

Inmate Number: 244897
Date of Birth: 3/25/1941
Latest Admission Date: 2/13/1996
Bond Amount: 0
Date of Sentence: 3/17/2003
Maximum Sentence: 35 Year(s) 0 Month(s) 0 Day(s)
Maximum Release Date: 4/16/2023
Estimated Release Date: Not Applicable
Special Parole End Date: Not Applicable
Detainer: NONE


Inmate Number: 101944
Inmate Name: DESPRES, MARK J
Date of Birth: 5/17/1959
Latest Admission Date: 10/30/1995
Current Location: BROOKLYN CI
Bond Amount: 0
Controlling Offense*: MURDER AF
Date of Sentence: 2/4/2003
Maximum Sentence: 45 Year(s) 0 Month(s) 0 Day(s)
Maximum Release Date: 2/18/2033
Estimated Release Date: Not Applicable
Special Parole End Date: Not Applicable
Detainer: NONE

7 Responses

  1. This case had it all. From a drug addict attorney with a drug dealing client, turned hit man, to a vindictive aunt, trying to get her sister’s daughter away from her own sister and brother-in-law, you couldn’t have much more intrigue. I think justice was done, although I would have given Haiman Clein 45 years, instead of 35 years, to match the sentence of the hit man he hired.

  2. They all got what they deserved!

  3. Sad that the Carpenter family were so worried about Buzz not being good enough for their daughter.
    When one of their daughters was deranged enough to be the mistress of a druggie lawyer and set up someone’s murder!

  4. Something is wrong with this family. Obviously Kim is an whore who plans was to screw every single guy she came across and gets pregnant. I don’t see why the parents still support her when she neglected her child and continuing to party. I’m sorry but I worked my butt off and going to school full when my parents helped me watch my child. This whole catastrophes is caused by Kim. She should be ashamed of herself. I felt bad for her children, Beth, and the parents for having someone like that in the family. This is not something to be fought over. Apparently, Kim and Buzz would have moved back and seek for help in a few months.

    • Seriously? Do you know these people personally or do you just know what you have read in books, seen on TV, or her through gossip?
      No matter what the Kim did or did not do does not make what happened to her justifiable.
      Beth is a deranged freak with serious control issues. She is a cold blooded liar. There is no soul or emotion behind her eyes.
      when I told her that I saw her on television her eyes lit up like Christmas trees. She was so freaking excited that I had seen her on TV. She asked me so many questions. How did she look, how did she sound, was it favorable towards her,? Seriously? You’re in prison for the rest of your life and that’s what you care about?

  5. Beth Carpenter might have been an intelligent young woman but not smart enough to get away with murder as she thought. Set up Haiman to kill Buzz because she wanted her niece. What a warped mind. She’s where she deserves to be. She’s one vindictive mf.

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