Update: Sgt. Jan and Quianna Pietrzak murders *3 former Marines convicted of their murders; Penalty phase starts 6/10/2013 – Prosecutors seeing death penalty*

Jan and Quianna Pietrzak
Sgt. Jan and Quianna Pietrzak

News Archive: Sgt. Jan and Quianna Pietrzak murders
Sgt. Jan and Quianna Pietrzak obituary
Trial begins in case of 4 Marines charged with brutal 2008 murder of Camp Pendleton Sergeant, wife
Marine confessed involvement in Winchester murders, jury hears
Video shows Marine admits role in deaths
3 Marines Convicted in Torture Murders of Sgt. and Wife
Brooklyn Marine Kevin Cox, 25, found guilty of 2008 Camp Pendelton torture slaying
Jury finds 2 Calif. ex-Marines guilty in killings
A Few ‘Bad’ Men
Wikipedia: Murder of Jan Pawel and Quiana Jenkins Pietrzak

4 suspects

Emrys John – convicted, sentenced to death
Kevin Darnell Cox – convicted, sentenced to LWOP
Tyrone Miller – convicted, sentenced to death
Kesuan Sykes – trial starts in August

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  1. They should all get the death penalty even though it will never be carried out in California, where they have over 700 men on death row and execute one about every 10 years. They’re a disgrace to the military, and in this case, I would have preferred that the Marine corps could have handled this, although I guess California had jurisdiction. The cops did a great job in this case. They solved it almost immediately.

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