Murder in Amish Country: Katie Gingerich murder 3/18/1993 Rockdale Township, PA *Husband Edward Gingerich convicted of manslaughter, sentenced to 2 1/2 to 5 years in prison*

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Edward Gingerich
Amish man charged in wife’s death
Amish man will plead insanity in wife’s death
Amish Man Goes on Trial in Wife’s Death
Insanity defense key to Amish slaying case
Murder defendant told family he was possessed by devil
Amish man convicted in wife’s beating death
Amish man sentenced in wife’s beating death
Wife-Killer’s Pending Freedom Splits Amish
Killer’s return shreds peace in tiny Amish community
Gingerich brothers sentenced to probation
Crawford Amish man convicted of manslaughter found dead
Killer’s Amish burial gives closure

Crimson Stain: The Shocking True Story of the Only Amish Man Ever Convicted of Homicide

Deadly Devotion: Murder in Amish Country

Edward Gingerich
Edward Gingerich

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  1. This is a hard story to comment on, so I guess all you can say is that Ed Gingerich pronounced justice upon himself, and I believe that if there is a good Lord that Ed will be forgiven.

    • Well I guess living “off the land” sort of speak is what they choose to do. But, not living in the 21st century when it comes to medical issues is a bit ignorant if u ask me. Come on people. If u don’t want to use tech, motors, etc… Whatever. But mental illness can not be cured by a chiropractor and herbs!!!!

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