Psycho For Love: Thomas Craft was convicted of killing and dismembering his wife, Lynnette Quast Craft; He was sentenced to 10 years in prison – is that justice?


Lynnette Craft
Lynnette Quast Craft

Proposed law: “No convicted felon shall be released from prison without first receiving an approval of the conditions of supervision from the victim and victim’s family provided, however, that said approval shall not be unreasonably withheld.”

Life 101: Bob Quast
Man to be arraigned in murder
Man accused of killing wife is Whitewater native
Grand jury indicts man accused of slaying, dismembering his wife
Murder suspect says wife committed suicide
State v Craft 2003
Man convicted in grisly killing of wife to be released in June
Man convicted of killing wife to be released
Ohio man convicted of killing wife, dumping part of body at McDonald’s near Ann Arbor to be released
Victim’s family concerned after convicted killer’s release

Life 101

Most Likely To…: ‘Til Death Did We Part

ThomasCraft prison mug
Thomas Craft

3 Responses

  1. I think the state of Ohio should be put in receivership because it is obviously incapable of providing justice. How anybody could murder someone, chop them up, and dump their body parts in trash cans in half a dozen different places and get off with 12 years in prison is beyond comprehension. This guy Craft should at least have gotten LWOP.

  2. This man is beyond disgusting, vile, and horrible, it’s so sad this his unfortunate found too late.

    • Please excuse previous errors, I meant to say, it’s unfortunate that his wife found out too late that she married a selfish, mean, controlling and mentally disturbed.

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