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    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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John Harper Jr. murder 11/28/1995 El Cajon, CA *After the jury convicted Danny Palm of his murder, Judge William Mudd reduced the charge to voluntary manslaughter, sentenced to 10 years in prison*

body tape

Judge Reduces Term for Man Who Killed Bully
Law and Disorder
Judge revisits day he overruled jury verdict
Bullets for the Bully

Fatal Encounters: Road Kill

Danny Palm
Danny Palm


17 Responses

  1. John Harper reaped what he sowed and the good man that shot him saved many people in his neighborhood.

    • I agree that John Harper is an unsympathetic victim and I agreed with the judge that he did play party to his murder by his own actions. You can’t do the things he did and not expect it to come back on you.

    • John Harper was big problem. Crystal Meth. He’s no longer a problem to all he terrorized in the neighborhood of his parents. His actions resulted in his death. HIS ACTIONS. His actions resulted in the devestation of his parents, who were in denial about who their son was. Meth Pipe. He had to die or some innocent person that came across his path would. BULLY. It’s never fair when that happens. Nice to see a story that ended like it should

  2. John Harper Jr. was a piece of shit and deserves to be dead. The world is a better place without him.

  3. Johns sister is totally in a dream world. Her brothers actions left that poor neighbor no choice. Being in the Navy was less of a scare than what John did to all those people and involving a child is never right. We have to own up to the wrong things that go along with having a troubled sibling. I am sure he was loved by his family however they are just a responsible as John for keeping their heads in the sand and not trying to get him help. My guess because his parents were cared for she chose to ignore everything to keep him available for their care. God bless Mr. Palm for his protection and his service to our country and his neighbors. The Palm family lost years of their life also but hopefully they are doing well and thriving with their family. God Bless the Palm Family.

    • His sister is part of the problem. Apparently the family thought Harper could do no wrong and ignored his drug problem. They should be pointing the finger at themselves. He sounded like an awful person. Why do you think all the neighbors sided against the monster? My opinion

  4. Although John Harper Jr. seemed to be a horrible person; that in no way gives Danny Palm the right to kill him. The facts are, that Palm left the safety of him home, pursued Harper, then shot him while his (Palm’s) life was in no clear danger. The jury convicted Palm of 2nd degree murder, and the judge should’ve not over ruled their decision. Palm should still be in jail. Never take the law into your own hands, that’s why we have the police in this country.

    • But the police (cowards) did nothing to protect the people that pays them. And when it did go to court, they let the “piece of shit” go to continue to be the bully.

      Harper got what he deserved.

    • you can say that b/c you are not in that situation. Living in fear is the worst for the neighbors…. if you were bullied and in their situation you may feel differently.

  5. What if we all that are Bullied resort to murder to solve the problem…Think about it!Our Justice System need to do a better job, so situations like this don’t happen because you don’t want a bloodbath on your hands.I feel really sorry for John Harper Jr family because he showed them a completely different side than what the neighbors saw.They have good memories of their loved one just like the rest of us would also have if he was our family member.

  6. He needed killing and I’m glad he is dead, good riddance.

  7. Why is the term bully even being used to describe Harper? The guy was a complete menace, whose actions could have easily resulted in the death of many people….Law enforcement obviously didn’t do their job (again), forcing Danny Palm to take matters into his own hands. Mr. Palm was not a murderer, but a man who had reached his breaking point due to extreme stress and fear. The terror was never going to end or he and his family were going to die, in his mind. Can you blame him, considering how long Harper’s threats continued?

  8. These peoples lives were in constant danger and they had no protection from the law and no hope that this situation would change for the better. Humans weren’t created to live in constant fear and terror. I mean the human brain and emotions as well as our nervous systems can only take so much. Thou shall not murder. This was certainly not an unforgivable sin, considering all the circumstances. God the only rightful judge of humans in the very near future will rid the earth permanently of evil doers. Psalms 37:10,11

  9. I’m glad that Danny Palm has been released. I was dismayed with the Harper family, the police and the justice system when I first saw this story many years ago. Thoughts and best wishes go out to the Palms and all those neighbors that had to suffer with Mr. Harper’s reign of terror.

    I had to deal with a hostile neighbor and called the police a few years ago. Fortunately, the deputy took it seriously, and wrote a disturbance report. I feel what I went through to be minor compared to the Palms and their neighbors. I can see why Mr. Palm did what he had to do, I wouldn’t have wanted Mr. Harper to hurt/kill me or anyone in my family either. You did the right thing Mr. Palm and quite possibly saved a life from the hands of Mr. Harper. Mr. Harper’s blood is on his own head.

  10. So a bully gets death but a murderer becomes a hero,sounds about right

  11. It saddens me that this man had to do the police’s job. It sickens me that he was found guilty for doing it. He should have been paid for it. I would have hung that jury had I of sat on it. Thank God for a decent Judge. I bet that has never happened in his career before or since. I’m very happy that Danny is out.

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