Deadly Duo: David and Michelle Knotek tortured and killed their boarders

Loreno Watson Woodworth

Kathy Loreno, 36
Ronald Woodworth, 57
Shane Watson, 19
James “Mac” McClintock, 81 [possible victim]

Raymond couple befriended 3 strangers, who then disappeared
Another Victim Might Be Linked To Raymond Deaths
Wife’s role scrutinized in deaths; vulnerable people drawn to her
Couple charged with murder
Couple charged with murder in deaths of boarders
Suspect’s relatives contacted police in 2001
Plea deal reduces charge in Raymond murder case
Woman gets 22 years in deaths of boarders
State of Washington v Michelle L. Knotek (affirmed her conviction and sentence)
Murderpedia: David Knotek

Wicked Attraction: Home Sweet Home
Sins & Secrets: The Murder Inn
Snapped: Michelle Knotek (airing 6/16/2013)

Michelle L. Knotek – pled no contest, sentenced to 266 months
David Knotek – pled guilty, sentenced to 179 months


Michelle Knotek

DOC Number: 865733
Location: Washington Corrections Center for Women
9601 Bujacich Rd. NW
Gig Harbor, WA 98332-8300
(253) 858-4200



DOC Number: 874317
Offender Name: KNOTEK, DAVID L
Location: Monroe Corrections Center
16550 177th Avenue SE
PO Box 777
Monroe, WA 98272
(360) 794-2600

10 Responses

  1. Usually, when you have these husband-wife or boyfiend-girlfriend criminals, it’s the man whose the controlling party and the woman just generally goes along, but this case was the exact opposite. It was Michelle Knotek who was running the show, and David Knotek was just going along. As usual, the police were asleep on the job and failed to search the Knotek’s home after they had been asked to do so on several occasions. The result was 4 murders.

  2. I think Michelle has borderline personality disorder. My mom has this disorder. Although Michelle’s actions are very extreme and traumatic as opposed to my experience, there are lots of similarities. I read a book called understanding the borderline mother. It explains how Michelle could be so manipulative. I’m thinking of the girls and hope you ladies are well. You deserve happiness.

  3. Talk about a monster and a very sick women. Ive read she use to masterbate with her dogs feces. I hope they are abusing the piss out of her in prison. It’s nice to see a loser finally have to pay for her sick crimes. I would love to come visit some time to spit in your face.

  4. And you (youngest daughter) turned out to be one amazingly wonderful beautiful young woman… and you have great examples for older sisters! I’m so proud of all of you.. (from your auntie in UT)

  5. I don’t think their punishment is severe enough. They both should have been tortured just like their victims and then been put to death. They don’t deserve to be taking up space on this earth or to be breathing our air. After they die, which I hope is very soon I hope they go straight to he’ll. They don’t deserve to be in heaven.

  6. my poor cousins had to grow up with them and my aunt shelly abused them terribly.

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