Murder In The Family: Aza Vidinhar arrested for the murders of his 2 younger brothers, Alex and Benjie Vidinhar

25 N. 1660 West
25 N. 1660 West in West Point, UT

Aza Vidinhar, 15, Charged With Stabbing His Two Younger Brothers To Death
2 children found dead in West Point home; brother called ‘person of interest’
Police locate missing Davis County teen after 2 brothers found dead
Police locate West Point teen called ‘person of interest’ in brothers’ deaths
West Point teen arrested in death of 2 younger brothers
Sheriff: West Point boys stabbed to death, brother in custody
Utah teen arrested in deaths of two young adopted brothers
West Point honors student arrested in deaths of 2 younger brothers
Two Children Found Dead In West Point, 15-Year-Old Brother Taken In To Custody
15-Year-Old arrested in deaths of two siblings
Blood found on teen arrested in deaths of 2 adopted brothers
Update: Alex and Benjie Vidinhar murders *Brother Aza Vidinhar pled guilty to one murder in juvenile court and one in adult court; He will be in juvenile hall until age 21, then serve 15 years to life in adult prison*

Aza Vidinhar
Aza Vidinhar

2 Responses

  1. This is so sad. I live about a mile from there. I actually went to school with Aza.

  2. The alleged murderer was the biological son of his parents, whereas the 2 victims were adopted children. That could very well have been the reason for the murders. It’s hard to accept someone else’s children as your siblings, and there could have been some bad blood between the biological and adopted children.

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