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    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Monsters Among Us: Besham Brian Sugrim killed Linda Kay Gibson, and bragged about killing another person

Linda Kay Gibson

Linda Kay Gibson [9/14/2003]
Demetrius Carter [3/1/1996] prime suspect, not charged with this murder yet (no picture)

Besham Sugrim’s wife barred under state law from testifying against him in New York homicide
Wife reveals life of terror with a confessed murderer
Suspect surfaces in old Sullivan killing
Lead investigator ties evidence of Linda Gibson’s murder to Besham Sugrim
Witnesses describe brutality of Linda Kay Gibson’s murder during Besham Sugrim trial
After guilty verdict, Linda Gibson’s sister says Gibson ‘can finally rest in peace’
Besham Sugrim, convicted of murdering Linda Kay Gibson, to be sentenced today
Bernadette Sugrim interview: Seeing violence in Besham’s eyes (Part 1 of 5)
Bernadette Sugrim interview: Besham reveals a dark secret (Part 2 of 5)
Bernadette Sugrim interview: Moving to Michigan (Part 3 of 5)
Bernadette Sugrim interview: The heart attack (Part 4 of 5)
Bernadette Sugrim interview: A little girl becomes a hero (Part 5 of 5)

Evil Lives Here: In Love With The Devil
Dateline: Day of Reckoning


BeshamBrianSugrim prison mug

MDOC Number: 763247
SID Number: 3533893T
Racial Identification: Asian
Gender: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5′ 9″
Weight: 180 lbs.
Date of Birth: 02/24/1976 (37)

Current Status: Prisoner
Release Date: LIFE
Assigned Location: Michigan Maximum Discharge Date: LIFE
Security Level: IV

Tattoo- Left Forearm – eagle
Tattoo- Lower Right Arm
Tattoo- Lower Right Arm – AA
Tattoo- Right Forearm – bird
Tattoo- Upper Left Arm – eagle
Tattoo- Upper Right Shoulder – ARMY

Sentence 1
Offense: Homicide – Murder First Degree-Premeditated
Minimum Sentence: LIFE
MCL#: 750.316A
Maximum Sentence: LIFE
Court File#: 111118-FC
Date of Offense: 09/14/2003
County: Kalamazoo
Date of Sentence: 04/09/2012
Conviction Type: Jury

Sentence 2
Offense: Asslt w/Int Gr Bod Hrm Less Murder
Minimum Sentence: 4 years 8 months 0 days
MCL#: 750.84
Maximum Sentence: 10 years 0 months
Court File#: 110787-FH
Date of Offense: 05/16/2011
County: Kalamazoo
Date of Sentence: 07/11/2011
Conviction Type: Nolo Contendere


10 Responses

  1. Brian Sugrim is exactly where he needs to be – locked up in a cage the rest of his life. However, Bernadette had ample warning that he was a berzerk maniac before she ever married him. She saw him attack 2 of her brothers while they were smoking pot with Brian in 1995, breaking one’s nose and the other’s 2 legs. On top of that, she had seen him attacking his own foster mother, who had enough sense to kick him out of her house. Bernadette should have had enough sense after all that to drop this guy like a hot potato.

    • Yep. This woman really grated my nerves. She was spineless. If not for her courageous and precious daughter, she’d probably still be with this sick nut. The only thing she did right was confess to the police that he’d murdered others. But this was 8 years late and only after her brave daughter called the police. I hope that her children are not scarred for life after witnessing such brutality.

  2. He is where he belongs. I just hope Bernadette never opens a child daycare center. I don’t think she would ever report her husband no matter how many people he murdered. if her daughter didn’t run to a neighbor resulting in the 911 call he might still be a free man.

  3. But, for the grace of God – go I

  4. It’s always so easy to judge the actions of others & point out their faults & shortcomings. It is an unfortunate fact that there are some people, mostly but not exclusively, women who believe they can “cure” the person they love. Besham Sugrim didn’t reveal any details, only told his wife-to-be that he had killed a man. He is without a doubt a psychopath, and a highly intelligent one. He undoubtedly disseminated information to his wife in a manner to further manipulate & control her. Until he assaulted her brothers she had never witnessed violence in Sugrim, so perhaps she thought the story of murder was a lie or an exaggeration meant to bolster his ‘status’ as an alpha male in his own mind. I’m sure as the years passed she no longer had any doubts about the capacity of her husband but by then whatever illusions Bernadette had about her marriage to Besham were mostly broken & she was trapped in a cycle of domestic violence. She also knew that, even if she herself managed to escape the grasp of Besham & told authorities the things her husband had told her (remember, she never actually witnessed any murder) there was a very real chance that until evidence was collected to keep Sugrim behind bars that her family members would remain targets of his violence as long as he remained free. She had not been completely beaten down, I think, because she often told her daughter that if she ever feared for her life because of her father’s behavior that she must run away & seek help. In the final confrontation, after being beaten by her father, her mother sought to distract him by sparring with him herself, re-directing his abuse. That gave the child the opportunity to run away, and she did a good job. Once she knew Sugrim was arrested, Bernadette immediately told police everything she knew even though she assumed she would also be arrested for not sharing this knowledge earlier. Fortunately these police & justice officials understood the dynamics of domestic abuse & the reasons Bernadette had remained silent previously.

  5. This woman Bernadette was told point-blank by Brian Sugrim he’d killed someone, and THEN she discovers an investigation was going on in which he was the prime suspect … BEFORE she married the guy. What else could she possibly have needed to have avoided this abuse altogether?

  6. To make is woman out to be someki d of hero should be a crime. She did absolutely nothing to protect her children or the world from this man. If her brave daughter didnt do what she did- god only knows how much abuse these children would go through before he killed them. Not to mention he was on his way to becoming a serial killer. I do understand being scared but it seems like she had multiple opportunities to do the right thing for hwr children and for the greater good. I hate to judge people because it is hard to say how you would act in those situations, but this womans actions-or lack of disgust me.

  7. If this man shot my dog, he would have be destroyed. Then murder of Linda Kay would never have occurred. He is Shaytan incarnated!!!!

  8. This woman really grated my nerves. She was spineless and weak. I know all about the cycle of domestic violence but this woman would probably still be with this nut job if not for her precious and courageous daughter. The only thing Bernadette did right was tell the police about the murder that Brian committed (8 years late) and distract him while her daughter ran away. As a woman who is responsible for the choices that she has made, surely she could have done what her daughter did. I feel so much sorrow for her children.My heart hurts and I pray that they have not been scarred by witnessing such brutality. But my mind tells me that they likely have been scarred and will need intensive therapy. I am glad that they got away from this monster. IMO, Bernadette does not deserve any awards.(She did not try to run, hide, or tell anyone. She did not protect her children from the abuse of their father. She stayed with this monster and told no one of the murder for 8 years. And she did not try and protect society by confessing). Her daughter was the hero.

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