Monsters Among Us: Joshua Wade killed Della Brown and Mindy Schloss, sentenced to 99 years in prison; Also sentenced to life in prison in federal prison if he lives that long

Della Brown Mindy Schloss

Della Brown [9/2000]
Mindy Brown [8/4/2007]

Death-penalty decision delays Wade trial
Wade neighbor too intimidated to talk
Wade’s jail diary laced with violent details
Federal prosecutors seek death penalty for Joshua Wade
Prosecutors say they’re worried for Wade witnesses’ safety
Judge rules Wade witness names can be withheld
New evidence emerges in Wade murder case
Wade to change plea, face sentencing
Wade confesses to two murders in plea deal
Wade to change plea in Schloss murder, admits to Brown’s as well
Wade to spend his life in prison
Wade sentencing brings range of emotions
CrimeLibrary: The Murder of Mindy Schloss

Ice and Bone

Motives & Murders: Northern Nightmare


Joshua Wade

Offender Name: JOSHUA A WADE
Offender ID:421206
Date of Birth:03/18/1980
Age: 33
Race: White
Gender: Male
Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender:Spring Creek Correctional Center
Scheduled Release Date: 02/16/2076

One Response

  1. Joshua Wade is no fool. He may be a 2-time murderer, but he knew exactly what he was doing when he plea bargained to get a 99 year sentence and asked to have it served in Alaska, rather than a federal prison. Usually federal prisons are preferable to state prisons, but not so with Alaska. This prison where is going to serve his life sentence is almost certainly the best state prison in America – Spring Creek Correctional Institution. It’s almost a completely non-violent prison, with a guard for less than every 3 inmates, and it overlooks the beautiful Alaska mountains, where the inmates can gaze out into the beautiful Alaska terrain while they sit in the prison yard. The food is supposed to be excellent also.

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