Deadly Women: Linda Lou Charbonneau *Once on death row, pled guilty to killing one husband, sentenced to 20 years in prison*


Charbonneau and Sproates

John Charbonneau [9/23/2001]
William H. Sproates III [10/17/2001]

Linda L. Charbonneau v. State of Delaware 2006 (conviction overturned)
Retrial Begins for Charbonneau
Charbonneau Pleads Guilty at Murder Retrial
Former Del. Death Row Inmate Gets 20 Years
Murderpedia: Linda Lou Charbonneau
Linda Lou Charbonneau (about 1/4 way down)

Blood Relatives: Dead Over Heels
Snapped: Linda Lou Charbonneau

Linda Lou Charbonneau – convicted, sentenced to death, overturned; pled guilty,
Willie Brown – convicted, sentenced to LWOP
Mellisa Rucinski – convicted, sentenced to 25 years in prison


Linda Lou Charbonneau

Date of Birth:02/09/1948
Age: 65
Race: White
Gender: Female
Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender:Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution
Scheduled Release Date: 12/2019


Offender Name: WILLIE A BROWN
Date of Birth:05/21/1973
Age: 39
Race: African American
Gender: Male
Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender:James T. Vaughn Correctional Center
Scheduled Release Date:


Mellisa Rucinski

Date of Birth:02/01/1973
Age: 40
Race: White
Gender: Female
Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender:Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution
Scheduled Release Date: 04/2024

20 Responses

  1. Here’s another example of American injustice. Mama and daughter participated in 2 murders – the husband and ex-husband of mama, and mama gets 25 years and daughter 20 years, while the actual murderer, the boyfriend of the daughter, got LWOP. I could see the possibility of her and daughter getting their rather light sentences for 1 murder, but not for 2. Nothing less than LWOP should have applied to both of them, just like the daughter’s boyfriend.

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  2. Agreed, there is no justice, but this idiot should’ve known that the laws that apply to White women dont apply to black Men. I am a black woman and I know that I cant expect anything less than lwop for murdering a white man let alone two.

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  3. Sad, but so true. This is why I oppose the death penalty; it’s overwhelmingly used for black people. Not that it should matter, but I’m white.


  4. So true. I think the mom should never get out. The daughter n her boyfriend were manipulate by the mom. You can tell by her swinging back n forth from uncle to nephew she holds and uses that skill very well. But nevertheless, the daughter and her boyfriend were grown and knew that killing was wrong. They should have gotten 30 to 40 years. Those men didn’t deserve to die, and all for greed! NO!! I oppose of the death penalty also because NO ONE has the right to play God unless they are in combat fighting for their life. How can we teach ppl that killing ppl is wrong by killing ppl? Like REALLY!!


  5. I thought the sentencing was the other way around; the daughter got more time than the mother. It wouldn’t be the first time that Investigation Discovery has messed up facts, though.


  6. Amazing how all the women on these Discovery shows are hot and the men are hunks…and then you look up the real people and they are most certainly not.

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  7. Saw the story on Deadly Women and Snapped. Horrible women.


  8. All three of them deserved LWOP……. Just imagine, 20 years? So cheap ! And see how ugly both women are ,just the opposite of what they showed us on discovery

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  9. I’m floored by the ID show, and the light sentence Linda Lou got. She and Mellissa, what a pair.


  10. Mellisa Rucinski


  11. I knew Linda and Her family before she became a serial killer, I can’t imagine what had happened to her over the years. It makes me so very sad, for everyone.


    • The love of Linda’s life…..her first husband….accidentally died in an accident. She was left with two children reminding her she had to be a mother. So she married a man that could replace the first…minus the love. Mellisa came out of this. Growing up Linda manipulated everyone….her children and her men. Plotting everyone against each other when convenient for herself. You say Mellisa had a choice. ….but she didn’t stand a chance. She was born and bred to do as mother said with no question. Sick love is all Mellisa knew of. I won’t tell you who they really are because my Love for Mellisa still touches me. But I will say after years of daily encounters and companionship….the two of them don’t know how to let go of each other. If you are upset because of their sentences seem small with their crime… can blame your state legal aide system for finding a snag….being confused…not connecting any dots at all in this case. If it was so easy to confuse a lawyer….how do you think Mellisa and Willey felt about the “hardship” mother had? You never knew Linda before she was a “serial” killer. She was molded that way as a child herself. The apple never fell from that tree. Mellisa was a product of her surroundings. She loved her mother unconditionally. This is called loyalty.


  12. Linda Charbonneau she should stay in prison for the rest of her life or keep her on the death sentence for both of the murders,especially Mr.Bill Sproates. Very kind friend. How could you allow her freedom after she left him in a shallow grave to die. Only such a heartless person would do this and that is what she is,,and your allowing someone like her out.Awful Awful, please rethink your decision. She took 2 innocent lives.


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