Update: Seymour Avenue Horror *Ariel Castro charged, now prosecutors looking at murder charges; Recovery begins for the women now*

Amanda Gina Michelle
Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight

As joyous as it is for everyone to see such a happy ending, these women – who were kidnapped as girls – need to begin their road to recovery. They need space. They will talk when they are ready. Right now, people need to give them this time. Pushing for them to speak to the public is unnecessary and damaging to them. Let them get used to life. So much has changed in society since they were kidnapped: cell phones, computers, the Internet, and technology overall. Remember, 2 of them were still in school. Our lives have continued, while they were stuck. I am sure they are very overwhelmed. Let’s be happy that they are alive and out of that house of horrors. Keep them in your hearts and think of them for a bit everyday, but let them adjust and recover. They need to find a good place for themselves.

TONIGHT: Radio One Cleveland, 19 Action News to hold Victory Vigil
Murder charges sought against Ohio man in ending captives’ pregnancies
Michelle Knight: Recovery continues in the hospital
Michelle Knight told cops Ariel Castro threatened to kill her if Amanda Berry’s baby died
Ariel Castro, Cleveland kidnapping suspect, helped look for missing girl
Clevelanders take story of women’s courageous escape to heart (several links to other stories here too)
Cleveland man could face aggravated murder charges for allegedly terminating pregnancies
Out pour of community support: How to donate items to Michelle, Amanda and Gina
News Archive: Seymour Avenue Horror

ArielCastro jail mug
Ariel Castro

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  1. Bonnie, you said it perfectly. This was truly a “house of horrors.”


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