Update: Seymour Avenue Horror *Ariel Castro charged with kidnapping and rape; His brothers are not being charged at his time*

Amanda Gina Michelle
Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight

In the news conference, it was specifically said that the reports of the naked girls in the backyard are untrue. The girls said that they had not left the house since they got there.

News Archive: Seymour Avenue Horror
Gina DeJesus returns home to cheers and applause
Michelle Knight remains hospitalized in Cleveland; Amanda Berry and her daughter return home
Chains, ropes removed from home where Berry, DeJesus, Knight were held, police chief says
Ariel Castro charged with 4 counts kidnapping, 3 counts rape; brothers to be charged only on outstanding misdemeanors
Homeowner charged in Cleveland abductions
Cleveland man charged with kidnapping, rape after 3 missing women found in home

ArielCastro jail mug
Ariel Castro

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  1. It’a amazing that these girls and the little baby are in as good of physical condition as they are. They must have eaten properly and received some type of medical care because it be hard to believe that in 10 years none of them would get seriously ill. They also must have been allowed to watch TV because otherwise I don’t think they would have known how long they had been prisoners. Also, I wonder if they were allowed to read or were home schooled, perhaps by Castro or his brothers, or perhaps even someone else, about whom we haven’t heard yet.


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