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  1. Usually when a cold case this old is solved, the police generally have a good idea of who did it from the very beginning but just don’t have enough evidence to prove it. In this case, it appears they have no idea at all. I couldn’t help but notice that Donna’s mother seemed to have very little faith in the police, when she mentioned that after her daughter’s body had been found that they’d now just slowly forget it. That’s very interesting since this was back in 1962, which was still the age of innocence and people supposedly believed in government and mom, pop, and apple pie, and all that good stuff. Maybe things haven’t really changed as much as we think.


    • Very good point.


    • Funny thing is…they still have not forgotten it. Nor have the given up. It just so happens that the person they thought was responsible all these years, DID NOT do it. Which left much hard work for the cold case detectives now assigned to the case I am sure..


  2. I wonder if they have ever run the FNA of the semen in her. They didn’t have that technology then but if they swabbed her they could run it today.


  3. Donna was a friend of my sisters. I have never forgotten her. Her disappearance and death was very upsetting to me. I was 9 when it happened. I wish one of those shows that does cold cases would solve this case. I wonder who knew she was babysitting that night?


  4. I was 10 years old in 1962. Donna was a friend of my sisters. My sister had a slumber party (sleep over) not too long before Donna went missing. I have never forgotten her. As a child it really bothered me. She had just been to our house! I wonder if there is anyone else following this that knew her.


  5. Oops, sorry. I didn’t remember I had already written something. Actually it was just before my 10th birthday.


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