Who Killed 8-year-old Leila Fowler?

Leila Fowler
Leila Fowler

This is a horrific crime, to both the community and her loved ones. I hope that police will move heaven and earth to find whoever is responsible. The FBI profiler says it would be rare that it would be a stranger, and I would usually agree. Generally, a stabbing is the result of some sort of rage, whether at the victim directly or indirectly (like that person wanted to hurt another family member). However, in this case, her brother saw the intruder (that is, if he is telling the truth) and it has not been said if he recognized the intruder. I hope they are able to piece this together quickly. Leila Fowler deserves justice and peace.

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Leila Fowler Murder: Rural Calif. community on lockdown as killer of 8-year-old is sought
Detectives quiz sex offenders in hunt for California girl’s killer
Former FBI Profiler Offers Insight into Leila Fowler Investigation

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