Tong Pao Hang murder 4/8/2013 (approximately) Wausau, WI *Family friend, Kou Thao, charged with his murder; Being held on $1 million bond*

Tong Pao Hang
Tong Pao Hang

Kou Thao will have a preliminary hearing on May 1, 2013.

Thao Criminal Complaint
Wausau missing persons case now homicide investigation
Suspect accused of murdering, dismembering Wausau man
Disturbing new details in Wausau murder
Suspect in Missing Man’s Murder Held on $1,000,000 Bond
$1M bond for Wausau homicide suspect
Wausau man faces murder charges

Kou Thao
Kou Thao

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2 Responses

  1. Kou Thao look ugly, but in his heart even more ugly than his face. for this murder I have never see before. this is the worst murder case I have ever heard. my wish for him, wishes and hope that the state of Wisconsin passed the DEAD PENALTY , just want to see him face his dead penalty. a person like him, we dont want exit on earth.


  2. It is a very disappointing that this happen. It is disappointing that a Hmong person can do this to another Hmong person even more devastating is that a human being can do this to another human being. Due to the news and story lines that I have been following it was not only disappointed and sad that Kou’s family did not stood for what is right and was lying to help him. The only way that you can help him is to tell what is right and not team up with him. It is very sad thing to know that a human being can do this to another human being. We can definitely choose our actions but we are not allow to choose our consequences. I hope that Kou’s family member will have to face penalty also. Kou will have to live with this and I hope and pray that Tong Pao and his family will receive justice.


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