Monsters Among Us: Tom Steeples killed three people, then got his wife to smuggle in drugs to the jail to commit suicide and avoid paying the consequences

Robert and Kelli Phillips

Ronnie Bingham [10/1993] (no picture)
Robert Phillips, 24 [3/8/1994]
Kelli Jean Phillips, 29 [3/8/1994]

Thomas Steeples committed suicide while in jail on 8/10/1994.

Find-A-Grave: Robert William “Robbie” Phillips
Find-A-Grave: Kelli Jean Gifford Phillips
Bond of Sorrow (part one)
Bond of Sorrow (part two)
And the Winners Are…
Murder suspect swallows cocaine
State of Tennessee v Tillie Ruth Steeples 1998 (stemming from her involvement in her husband’s suicide – after this she went on to be involved in a scam that earned her 70 months in federal prison and $9 million restitution)

Dead of Night: I Die To Pieces

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