Psycho For Love: Sean Burton killed his estranged wife’s lover, James Stropas, out of jealousy, now serving LWOP

James Stropas
James Stropas

Sean Burton Arrested In Grisly Knife Attack
Victim’s brother talks about Iraq vet killed in Springfield
Alleged Springfield killer claims victim ‘came at me with a knife’
Woman loved both defendant, victim in Springfield murder case
Man guilty of Delaware County stabbing death of Iraq vet
Man gets life sentence for love-triangle murder in Springfield

Scorned: Love Kills: Deadly Attractions


Sean Burton

Age: 45
Date of Birth: 01/22/1968
Citizenship: USA
Complexion: MEDIUM
Height: 6′ 03″
Current Location: PINE GROVE
Permanent Location: PINE GROVE
Committing County: DELAWARE

22 Responses

  1. Some of these murderers can concoct stories that stagger the imagination. Mr. Burton had brought duct tape, wires, a hatchet, and gasoline along with him when he went looking for Mr.Stropas – along with a knife. I believe Mr. Burton planned on tying up Mr. Stropas, taking him somewhere and killing him, dismembering the body, and then setting it on fire. Unfortunately for Mr. Burton, he didn’t plan it out very well, so he ended up stabbing Mr. Stropas to death in his car, and then getting caught before he got a chance to dispose of the body. Now he can spend the rest of his life thinking about what he did wrong from a prison cell.

  2. I want to see what this woman looks like.

  3. wow the power a hoe!!!!!!!!! has

  4. Why didn’t this guy get the death penalty. I know that PA has it. It was was definitely premeditated.
    Also that girl should be charged with something. I nice big lawsuit or wrongful death from both Burton’s estate and from “mrs burton” I guess since she married that piece of trash…AGAIN.

  5. I agree this was her fault! Poor jim. And this pos should rot to pieces in prison I wish he would have gotten the DP, hopefully his life is a living H E L L

  6. if you want to know what she looks like,after you have eaten a big meal,just look into your toilet afterwards.same thing.

  7. The family didn’t want the death penalty. It would/could have dragged out for years. There is much more to this story that was left out……

    • Do you mind telling us what was left out? This Theresa lady seems to be very sneaky. Like she was leading both men on. Absolutely no excuse for Jim being murdered but I think she is partially responsible.

    • Really!!! What else is there other than this bitch leads this guy on for years, but just can’t give up her POS. She was playing both sides, she is complete trash. Sean is the lowest form of life, I truely hope he get nailed in the shower everyday for the rest of his worthless life!!

  8. All this guy wanted was to be loved by a hottie, i can understand that. But this hottie IS TRASH, the lowest form of trash! Once he was confronted the first time he should have RAN as far from this bitch as possible. That said, Sean Burton is a worthless POS and I hope a certain prison gang pins him to the shower everyday.

  9. I hope that Nympho rots in hell…

  10. These are the type of crimes when we would say to the suspect ‘rot in hell’

  11. I was wondering what she looked like as well. She played a role in playing two men against each other. It just wasn’t fair to Jim. She knew that her husband/ ex-husband/ sleeping buddy was crazy and she strung him along, and pretended nothing was going on. She’s wrong as two left feet. Jim seemed like a great man. God rest his soul. Selfish, inconsiderate, and irresponsible is what she was in this situation.

    • Andrea,

      That link you posted is for this blog and I do not have a picture of Theresa Murphy. The link brings up a picture of Karen Newell who is not Theresa Murphy. Karen Newell helped kill her husband Jon Newell and these 2 crimes are not connected.

  12. On the 5 year anniversary of Jim’s death I know he’s with God in heaven. He was a truly wonderful man who loved her till the day he died. Let’s please remember how he served his country and trying to save the woman he loved cost him his life.

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