Robert Haugen murder 10/24/1988 Sunset Beach, CA *Paul Gentile Smith convicted of his murder, sentenced to LWOP*

remembering the victims

Man accused of killing high school friend extradited to O.C.
New indictment in 1988 SoCal slaying
Man is indicted in 1988 killing of high school friend
Cold-case murder defendant: ‘I didn’t do it’
Man facing trial in 1988 Calif torture-killing
Prosecution: ‘Science caught up’ to defendant
Long Beach man guilty in cold case murder of his pot dealer
Long Beach man gets life for 1988 torture-murder
Long Beach man gets life in torture, murder
Man gets life without parole in ’88 murder of pot dealer

Unusual Suspects: Burning Fury


Paul Gentile Smith

CDCR#: AG1203
Age: 53
Admission Date: 1/12/2011
Current Location: High Desert
475-750 Rice Canyon Rd.
Susanville, CA 96127
(530) 251-5100

3 Responses

  1. Mr. Smith made 1 big mistake – he tried the old accidental cut finger trick that O.J. used, but, unlike O.J., he didn’t have the Dream Team to represent him.

  2. I know both of them, and Robert didn’t have to die that way, he was a good dude just smoked weed and not a dealer, I hope Paul rots in there for what he did!

  3. I know both of them from long beach and what Paul did was wrong, Robert didn’t have to die over ones greed, Robert was not a dealer just smoked weed like alot of people did After high school, he was a good surfer friend as for Paul gets what he deserves life in the hell hole for hiding his secret for so many years he should of stayed out of trouble but he couldn’t so there you go!

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