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  1. There’s no doubt that she murdered her sister since the sister had been dismembered and hidden in a freezer. The fire obviously didn’t do that. The only question I have is whether Sarah had planned the fire as her way of getting her sister’s money after she had killed her or whether the fire just became an unexpected coincidence that she took advantage of.

  2. Does anyone know where I can find actual photos of the women? I seen their story on deadly women and I was interested. I would love to know what the real ladies look like ☺

  3. Their is no pictures. And “Deadly women” screwed up the story because we don’t want the world to know. so they made up what they thought actually happened. I & my family know that happened. what the world wants to Create and Speculate will never be the truth.

  4. I don’t have to tell you what I think I’m her niece. I no

  5. Ur not her neice. Ur a liar. But if u were her neice, then ur mom was a crack whore that killed her responsible caring sister. In my opinion…..Evidence is evidence… whether t.v. added slight fiction or not. If u dont want to talk about it, u wouldnt even be on this blog at all u fucking idiot!

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