Cold Case: Army Maj. Chester Garrett murder 1/04/1977 Fort Bliss, TX *Lisbeth Ann Garrett and Roger Evan Garrett indicted for his murder*


Major Chester Garrett
Army Maj. Chester Garrett

Major Chester Garrett
Woman charged with murder for 1977 slaying worked at YISD
Texas justice finds murder suspect in Knoxville
Victim’s son helps solve murder mystery
El Paso Sheriff’s deputies search home in 36-year-old homicide case
Cold Case: 1977 Texas Army Officer’s Killing Finally Leads to Arrests
El Paso sheriff’s deputies search home of woman charged with murder in 36-year-old cold case
Suspect allegedly confessed twice to 1977 killing of Fort Bliss Army officer
Mother, son indicted in Fort Bliss soldier’s ’77 slaying
Texas mother, son indicted in 1977 murder of Army officer

Lisbeth Ann Garrett Roger Evan Garrett
Lisbeth Ann Garrett and Roger Evan Garrett

2 Responses

  1. In most of these cold case murders, the police have a pretty good idea of who committed the murder almost from the very beginning. It was that way with the case of Jack McCullough, who is considered the oldest cold case defendant ever to be convicted of a murder. It occurred in Sycamore, Illinois in 1957, and he was just convicted 55 years later, in 2012. He was the chief suspect in the murder of a little girl in that town, named Maria Ridulph. He’s doing life without parole. I think the cops don’t deserve a lot of praise when they have a darn good idea of who committed these murders and they don’t do a thing about it until many decades later. Mr. McCullough is 72 years old and has lived a long life as free man, just like Lisabeth Garrett, who is 74. What’s the good of putting them in prison now when they’re probably going to die of old age in a couple of years anyway.


    • The good is that the facts should emerge, how it was done, and the people properly put away. I doubt Lisabeth Garrett is now mentally competent, but what she coerced her son to do is beyond horrific… considering the man they murdered was worth more than most men who are now living, and it is almost inconcievable they thought they could do it, and get away with it. Chester was very skilled soldier. He had to have had no clue that anything was amiss, after all you don’t go to your ex’s house to fix a dishwasher after Little League practice, and expect to be murdered by your 17 year old stepson and his mother.


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