Dunce’s Corner: Mark Mullan charged with vehicular homicide for running down and killing 2 people; Has been arrested 5 times prior for DUI

Dennis Judith Schulte

Dennis Schulte, 66
Judy Schulte, 68
Karna Schulte, 33 (critical condition)
Elias Jose, 10-days-old (critical condition)

This guy appears to not care who he hurts or what he does. He showed up in court previously for a DUI and was drunk, so they put him in jail. When he was bailed out, one condition was that he install an interlock device on his truck (although I don’t see why he was allowed to drive, he should have had his license taken away), however, he ignored that order completely.

Accused drunk driver charged with vehicular homicide, assault
Police: Drunk Driver With Suspended License, 4 Previous DUIs Kills Grandparents Walking With Grandson
Grandparents who moved to help killed in crash
Friends mourn Indiana grandparents killed in Seattle; suspect held for DWI
Vehicular homicide charges filed in Wedgewood crash
Charges filed in Seattle crash into family
4 felonies filed against DUI suspect; victims’ injuries detailed
Mother and ten-day-old baby critically ill after being hit by drunk driver in crash which killed doting grandparents


dunce1Mark Mullandunce1

Custody/Facility: Seattle Correctional Facility
Total Bail Amount: $ 2,500,000.00
BA: 213008040
Book Date: 03/25/2013
Charges for this booking:
Cause No:
RCW/ORD: 0909
Release Reason:
Bail Amount: $2,500,000.00

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  1. No matter what the court does to Mr. Mullan or whatever else he does in his life, he’ll just have one problem after another if he doesn’t stop drinking. 17 years ago, when I was still a practicing alcoholic, I got drunk and threatened some people with a gun. The funny thing about the whole matter – if anything can be funny about threatening people with a gun – is that my attorney really didn’t seem to be interested in my legal problem. He was interested in my drinking. Thank goodness I never fired the gun, and I haven’t had a drink since that day – February 5, 1996. I was just lucky that I didn’t hurt anybody. I wish I could say the same for Mr. Mullan.

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