Colleen Slemmer murder 1/12/1995 Knoxville, TN *Killed by 3 teens who were in Job Corps with her; Christa Pike sentenced to death*

Colleen Slemmer
Colleen Slemmer

Christa Pike in a letter to boyfriend, Tadaryl Shipp, after her conviction:
“Ya see what I get for trying to be nice to the hoe. I went ahead and bashed her brains out so she’d die quickly instead of bleed to death and suffer more, and they f*****’n fry ME??? Ain’t dat some shit!” She may have been the youngest woman on death row, but I have no sympathy for her. To this day she has no remorse for what she has done. She has bragged about it in prison. While in prison, she continues to cause trouble time after time. Honestly, I see no hope for her, and that is just plain sad. However, Colleen Slemmer, the victim, had much hope and promise for her future. Unfortunately, it was taken away by Christa Pike out of hate and spite. Please think of Colleen and her loved ones.

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Christa Pike – convicted, sentenced to death
Tadaryl Shipp – convicted, sentenced to life in prison (parole possible after 25 years)
Shadolla Peterson – pled guilty to accessory after the fact, received probation

Shadolla Peterson
Shadolla Peterson


ChristaPike prison mug

TOMIS ID: 00261368
Birth Date: 3/10/1976
Race: W
Sex: F
Supervision Status: INCARCERATED
Sentence Begin: 3/30/1996


Tadaryl Shipp

TOMIS ID: 00272533
Birth Date: 11/10/1977
Race: B
Sex: M
Supervision Status: INCARCERATED
Sentence Begin: 1/14/1995
Parole Eligibility: 1/08/2031

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  1. This case demonstrates the pitiful state of the American justice system. The saddest part of our justice system is that most states with the death penalty – with the exception of Virginia, Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio, and a few others – simply have no intention of executing the condemned prisoners, at least not for at least 25 years, if at all, and therefore they make a mockery of the justice system. Someone like Ms. Pike was a problem before she ever went to prison and will remain a problem in prison. There is no sense in further delaying the court ordered execution.

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