Cateresa Matthews murder 11/19/1991 Dixmoore, IL *Five young men were wrongfully convicted ‘Dixmoor Five’; Suspect in case, Willie Randolph, has not been charged*

Cateresa Matthews
Cateresa Matthews

In this case, 5 innocent teenagers (*Dixmoore Five*) were convicted of the rape and murder of 14-year-old Cateresa Matthews. DNA excluded all of them. The DNA found on and in this young girl belonged to Willie Randolph, a convicted rapist. In 2011, his DNA was matched to the DNA left at the crime scene, and he has yet to be charged with the murder of this innocent girl. He is a convicted sex offender, and is in prison for that a some other charges. However, his release date is set for May 25, 2013. Her family is still suffering. Justice is still needed for Cateresa Matthews and her loved ones. She should not be forgotten in all of this. PLEASE REMEMBER CATERESA MATTHEWS.

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Dixmoor Five

Wrongfully Convicted:
James Harden
Jonathan Barr
Robert Taylor
Robert Lee Veal
Shainnie Sharp

True Crime With Aphrodite Jones: Confessions and Lies

WillieRandolph prison mug
Willie Randolph

5 Responses

  1. i think its decent & commendadle of your blog and have it just as important as all the posts when an injustice is made .thanks

  2. These cases of wrongful conviction are a nightmare. In Chicago, where I live, there was this police commander, Jon W. Burge, who tortured hundreds of people into false confessions, dozens of whom ended up on death row, and they couldn’t even prosecute him for torture since there’s a statute of limitations on torture, but not on traffic tickets. American justice is insane!

  3. CBS 2 in Chicago would like permission to use the photograph of Cateresa Matthew for our 5 p.m. CST broadcast.

  4. I hope Willie Randolph rots in jail. Because that is what individuals deserve when they commit crimes like this. Sicko

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