Psycho For Love: Richard McAnulty killed Harry Mears III after discovering he was having an affair with his wife, Diane

Harry Mears III
Harry Mears III

Richard McAnulty (who was also having an affair) was convicted and sentenced to life in prison, plus a consecutive 5-10 year sentence for a weapons charge.

Harry A. Mears III obituary
Police: Man shot wife’s ex-lover in Southwest Greensburg
Murder Trial Begins In Deadly Love Triangle
911 Call Played In McAnulty Trial
Defense Begins In Deadly Love Triangle Trial
Man Charged With Killing Wife’s Alleged Lover Found Guilty
Jury convicts McAnulty in slaying
Parents of murder victim Mears sue mistress, his killer
Hollywood picks up on local murder case
Westmoreland fatal relationship winds up on Discovery Channel
Diane McAnulty Facebook

Scorned: Love Kills: Slave To Love
Redrum: Deadly Dirty Talk


Richard McAnulty

First Name: RICHARD
Middle Name: A

Inmate Details
Age: 57
Date of Birth: 01/26/1956
Citizenship: USA
Complexion: RUDDY
Height: 5′ 09″
Current Location: COAL TOWNSHIP
Permanent Location: COAL TOWNSHIP
Committing County: WESTMORELAND

9 Responses

  1. any information on the lawsuit the parents filed?

  2. Reblogged this on My Life.

  3. I checked out Diane MacAnulty’s Facebook page. She remains devoted to her husband, saying “My God and my husband are always closest to my heart.” She has posted an old snapshot of Richard (“My handsome hubby “I wish he was here.” No mention that her “handsome hubby” is a cold blooded killer and convicted rapist serving life without parole for his crimes. This piece of work, Diane, also purchased an AR-15 assault rifle for her hubby to circumvent his felony prohibition, although she was never charged.

    Sick stuff.

    • I see that. It appears that she thinks they are the victims, but they are not. Harry Mears III is the victim, and she seems to have forgotten that. Very sad.

      And you are right. Richard McAnulty is a cold blooded murderer and is right where he should be.

  4. Unfortunate, situation , Richard is where he belongs. Diane I think holds some responsibility. Harry shouldn’t ‘t be dead. However, when you interfere with a Married woman and a jealous husband things like this happen.

  5. her handsome husband?….am i missing something here?…the dude on this pic? ok…. lol

  6. her husband lovely?? He is an ugly old man….bhaaa!!!
    I think Harry Mears was gorgeus looking guy, really hot. I would like to have nasty, kinky sex with him…. watched an episode on Investigation Discovery Channel about that story. Richard was commiting adultery all the time, Diane became lonely, met her Harry online, and they two had SM, kinky games. It lookd that Diane liked that kind of sex and fell quickly in love with that (dead) good-looking guy, Harry Mears. If I was there I would step between and take Harry away from her and become his “sexpet” as he described her n E-mail which they-two exchanged.

  7. Any pics of this pos? I can’t find any online. She belongs in jail herself. She provided the weapons to her felony convicted husband. Pennsylvania has some slap on the wrist penalty for kidnapping & rape, 4 years? Other states laugh at this joke of injustice state.

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