Update: Kimberly Bolton murder *Nathaniel Woods convicted of her murder, sentenced to LWOP*

remembering the victims

Kimberly R. Bolton murder 12/14/2011 Cleveland, OH *Nathaniel Woods charged with her murder*
Nathaniel Woods found guilty for the murder of Kimberly Bolton
Nathaniel Woods Found Guilty for the Murder of 23-Year-Old Kimberly Bolton
Nathaniel Woods found guilty Friday of murdering Kimberly Bolton in 2011
Nathaniel Woods Sentenced to Life in Prison
Man sentenced for murdering woman and burning her body
Cleveland man, Nathaniel Woods, will spend his life in prison for killing woman and burning her body

The First 48: Cold Light of Day


2/2/2013: Nathaniel Woods has been taken to prison from the jail. I will update as soon as their database has been updated.

Offender ID:0119668
Date of Birth:05/23/1919 (incorrect)
Age: 50
Race: African American
Gender: Male

Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender:Cuyahoga Co. Jail

Scheduled Release Date:

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