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6 Responses

  1. This is a case that may still be open. Even if the neighbor, Mr. Campbell, beat the murder charge, that doesn’t mean that the fiance, Mr. Ingels, didn’t do it. He could be the one, and he could still stand trial for murder. His story doesn’t add up – he says at first Ms. Long’s dogs came home on their own, and then later he says he brought them home. I think the jury made the right decision in acquitting Mr. Campbell. I hope they get the chance to sit in judgement of Mr. Ingels.

  2. Todd Campbell is guilty. Period.

  3. First, he claims he never knew the woman. Then, after learning of the DNA evidence, he suddenly remembered a consentual sexual relationship with her, and that they had sex the night before she was murdered. He’s a cold-blooded liar.

  4. What an ignorant bunch of jurors they must have in Jupitor. This man is as guilty as guilty can be! He’s a loser, rapist & murderer, and I hope he pays somehow for his crime! I hope his life is HELL!

  5. Apparently Vickie had an affair with someone in another state, besides her boyfriend, and yet she also had an affair with the neighbor? And she sees that neighbor every day, when picking up papers and he said it was “occasional”? And he did not remember her after having sex with her? Tell me a man who does not remember a woman he had sex with more than once!

    I think either Mr. Campbell had brilliant testimony, prosecutor messed up, or the jurors just could not put pieces together. Overall, it seems Mr. Campbell used his time in jail very well – he came up with best lie possible to beat the DNA evidence and you have to give him credit for this.

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