Psycho For Love: Joseph Pikul killed his wife, Diane, after she found out he was a cross-dresser and he worried she would tell family court


Diane Pikul
Diane Pikul

Find-A-Grave: Diane Jackson Whitmroe Pikul
Head injuries, strangulation caused death of Diane Pikul
Accused wife killer fights to keepkids
Testimony Opens in Murder Trial of Stock Analyst
Tears come during Pikul murder trial
Pikul murder trial continues
A Phone Call Ends Custody For A Father
Wife Killer Dies While He Waits For Prison Term
The Wall Street Analyst, A Bitter Divorce, and The Murder of Diane Pikul (great article)
Conviction Is Vacated In Pikul Murder Case
Matter of Pikul 1993

Deadly Masquerade (good book)
Marrying the Hangman: A True Story of Privilege, Marriage and Murder

Dominick Dunne’s Power, Privilege and Justice: Mystery in the Hamptons
My Dirty Little Secret: Behind Closed Doors

Joseph Pikul
Joseph Pikul

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