Timothy Wicks murder 12/28/2001 Gardner, ND *Dennis James Gaede convicted of his murder (to cover up identity theft), sentence to LWOP*

Tim Wicks
Tim Wicks

What happened to the real Tim Wicks (part 1)
Detectives wonder, where is the real Tim Wicks (part 2)
12 News Investigates Dennis Gaede
Witness questioned on letter about confession
Defense lawyer says no physical evidence of murder in Gaede case
Sentence Handed Down for Murder That Involved Identity Theft
Man Convicted of Dismemberment Murder Wants New Trial
Gardner man asks ND Supreme Court to overturn his murder conviction
State of North Dakota v Dennis James Gaede 2007
ND Supreme Court rejects appeal by convicted murderer Dennis Gaede
Fatal Identity: Reporter Gina Barton Details the Bizarre Tim Wicks Murder

Fatal Identity

REDRUM: A Deadly Beat
The tale of two Timothy Wicks


DennisGaede prison mug

Offender ID: 23184
Date of Birth 06/28/1963
Est. Release Date LIFE
Facility North Dakota State Penitentiary (701) 328-6100
3100 E Railroad Ave Bismarck, ND58506

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  1. Another so called mother who is willing to be around a murdered even with her kids because she simply didn’t want to get a damn job & do it the hard way.

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