Serial Killer: Joseph Donald Ture Jr. *Convicted of several murders, sentenced to life in prison*

Marlys Wohlenhaus
Marlys Wohlenhaus

Alice Huling [12/15/1978]
Susan Huling, 16 [12/15/1978]
Wayne Huling, 13 [12/15/1978]
Patti Huling, 12 [12/15/1978]
Billy Huling, 11 [12/15/1978] (survived)
Marlys Wohlenhaus, 18 [5/8/1979]
Joanie Marie Bierschbach, 20 [11/6/1979]
Diane Edwards, 19 [9/26/1980]

Never Give Up!
Find-A-Grave: Alice R Huling
Find-A-Grave: Susan M Huling
Find-A-Grave: Patti A Huling
Find-A-Grave: Joan Bierschbach
Find-A-Grave: Diane E. Edwards
National Institute of the Study of Violence: Minnesota
Ture’s two murders won’t be admitted in Huling murder trial
Ture Found Guilty In Huling Murders
State of Minnesota v Joseph Donald Ture Jr 1984 (Edwards murder)
State of Minnesota v Joseph D. Ture 2001 (Huling murders)
Recalling the Huling Family Horror
Perspective: The Disease of Certainty
To Catch A Killer
A Cold Case Heats Up
A 20-Year Nightmare Ends
Transcript: Cold Case Files Murder on the Menu
Cold Case Volunteer Director Has On-The-Job Experience (part 1)
Cold Case (part 2)
Marlys Wohlenhaus Death Investigation, Huling Family Homicide
Excerpt from “Justice for Marlys”

Justice For Marlys: A Family’s Twenty Year Search for a Killer

Cold Case Files: Murder on the Menu



Demographic Information
OID Number: 118968
Birth Date: 2/7/1951
Current Status: Incarcerated
Location: Minnesota Correctional Facility Stillwater
Admit Date: 9/23/1981
Release Date **: Life Sentence – Contact for release information
Release Type:
Expiration Date: 2/6/2396
Case Worker: P. Schumaker (651) 779-2700
Supervising Agent:

Controlling Offense Information *:
Offense Modifier: NOT/APPL
Minnesota Statute(s): 609 185 1
County of Conviction: STEARNS
Court File Number: K6-99-1834

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