Update: Travis Alexander murder *Jodi Arias trial continues, the prosecution rests – What will the defense present?*


Travis Alexander

News Archive: Travis Alexander murder
Facebook: Justice 4 Travis (updates daily, GREAT site, probably the best for this trial)
Jodi Arias Trial: A Timeline of Events in the Arizona Murder Case
Who is the real Travis Alexander?
Jodi Arias trial: 133 evidence photos
Jodi Arias: Cold-blooded killer or innocent victim?
Jodi Arias Trial: Jurors Shown Photos of Victim’s Dead Body in Shower
Self-defense or jealous rage? Jodi Arias on trial for brutal murder of ex-boyfriend
Jodi Arias Lured Ex-Boyfriend With Sex Before Killing Him: Prosecutors
Jodi Arias Murder Trial: Rental Car Covered in ‘Kool-Aid Stains’
Jodi Arias Trial: Explosive Recordings Played in Court
Jodi Arias Jury’s Questions Suggest Doubt Over Investigation
Prosecution rests in Jodi Arias trial

Picture Perfect: The trial of Jodi Arias (can watch it here)

JodiArias in court
Jodi Arias in court

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  1. Whenever you have someone change their story from a home invasion to self-defense, you can’t believe them. If you’ll lie once, you’ll lie twice. She’s a murdering wench, and I hope she gets life without parole.

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