Monsters Among Us: Robert Boyd Rhoades *Convicted of 2 torture murders, sentenced to death for both*

Michael Lyons Julie Connell

Michael Lyons, 8 [5/16/1996 Yuba City, CA]
Julie Connell, 18 [4/20/1984 Hayward, CA]

Find-A-Grave: Michael Allen “Mickey” Lyons
Find-A-Grave: Julie Ann Connell
Michael A. Lyons kidnapped, murdered child
For murder of 8-year-old Yuba City boy
People You’ll See In Hell: Robert Rhoades
’84 rape-slaying case to go to jury / Robert Rhoades, defendant, already on Death Row
Death Row inmate convicted of ’84 murder / Rape-slaying adds to case against 8-year-old’s killer
D.A. calls killer ‘poster child for the death penalty’
Man gets death in rape, killing of woman
Sacramento Region Death Row Inmates (#33)
Sandy Friend, mother of murdered 8 yr-old Michael Lyons, shares her views on Prop 34
Forever Fighting In Memory of Michael Lyons (Death Penalty did not get repealed last Nov.)

Most Evil: Egocentric Killers
On The Case with Paula Zahn: Snapshot To Murder


RobertRhoades prison mug

CDCR#: P52962
Age: 60
Admission Date: 09/15/1999
Current Location: San Quentin
San Quentin, CA 94964
(415) 454-1460

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