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  1. I can’t figure out how they arrive at these possible parole dates. David Mead got a 5 year to life sentence to run consecutively with a sentence of up to 15 years, and they say he could be eligible for parole in 2016, which would mean he would have served 18 years, assuming he went to prison in 1998. It would seem to me that that he could get out sooner than that if the minimum were applied to everything. For instance, if they said he only had to do 5 years of the 5 year to life part and 2 years of the less than 15 year part, he could get have gotten out in 7 years. Anyway, I’m just glad that they’ll keep him until at least 2016 and hopefully longer.

    • That is not when is he eligible for parole, just when he has a parole hearing. In Utah, they seem to have a different way of doing it. If his case goes by what I have seen, he will not get a parole date at the hearing. In fact, he may never get out. Utah has been giving out a lot of “natural life” from parole hearings. Otherwise, he will probably do minimum of 25 years, if not much more. I would be surprised if he gets parole at all before he is an old man, if then.

  2. Hope u rot in jail and get.raped

  3. This dude is evil and he will repeat his crime if and when he get out..I hope the sick bastard will stay in jail and never get out..I can’t help but disagree with ID about him been good looking..Yeah right i don’t see how they used these good looking people to portrait this ugly bastard like he is some good looking dude,plus what did these girls see in him..I wish that his wife had stayed away from him after hearing him plotting her death..I just don’t get it..I hope he die in prison and while he is in there his life will be hell on earth….

  4. I hope that he is raped daily, I hope he knows no peace and is beaten daily within an inch of his life, the woman he killed was a brilliant ,beautiful and wonderful person. When he does die and goes straight to hell I hope his daily punishment is the devil sticking his pitchfork up his white ass till he cries like the bitch he is and this is done daily forever…..I knew this family he robbed the world of a beacon of light and hope all for money

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