Spree Killer: Christopher Erin Rogers Jr. began his rampage by killing his father with a machete, wounding his father’s fiance Elann Lennie Moren, and then shooting 3 strangers; Sentenced to 498 years in prison

Elann Moren Christopher Rogers Sr Bear
Elann Moren & Christopher Rogers Sr and Bear

Christopher Rogers Sr
Elann “Lennie” Moren
Jason Wenger
Liz Rumsey (survived)
Tamas Deak (survived)
his father’s dog (survived)

Christopher Erin Rogers Jr Is Batshit Crazy (GREAT post)
Alaska Man Charged With Killing 2, Injuring 3 in Series of Machete, Gun Attacks
Alaska man charged with machete killing
Machete attack cleanup a grim task
Machete victim moves forward
Judge rejects Rogers’ attempt to fire lawyer
Alaska man gets 309 years for shootings
Alaska man gets 189 years for dad’s machete murder
Palmer machete killer’s sentences now total 498 years
Dog saved one person from machete attack, death
Hero dog who survived machete attack succumbs to cancer at 10

Alaska: Ice Cold Killers: White Snow, Red Blood



Offender ID:419889
Date of Birth:05/09/1979
Age: 33
Race: White
Gender: Male

Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender:Spring Creek Correctional Center

Scheduled Release Date: 05/03/2340

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