• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Michael “Pee Wee” Walker murder 6/13/2005 Commerce, TX *Adam Kelly Ward shot him multiple times, sentenced to death*

Michael Walker
Michael “Pee Wee” Walker

*UPDATE* Adam Kelly Ward is scheduled to be executed today, March 22, 2016 after 6pm.

Commerce code enforcement officer killed
East Texas Code Enforcement Officer Gunned Down
East Texas Officer Killed While On Duty
Adam Ward delusional, psychologist says
Adam Ward found competent to stand trial
Adam Ward capital murder trial starts
Adam Ward alleges victim armed with weapon during shooting
Ward found guilty of capital murder
Dad claims son no longer suffers from outbursts
Ward receives death penalty
Adam Ward – Texas Death Row
Adam Kelly Ward v State of Texas 2010
Profile: Adam Ward Texas Death Row
Supreme Court weighs sparing Texas killer hours before planned execution
Texas man convicted in killing of city worker set to die

Fatal Encounters: In His Father’s Eyes


AdamWard prison mug

SID Number: 06601076
TDCJ Number: 00999525
Race: W
Gender: M
DOB: 1982-08-11
Maximum Sentence Date: DEATH ROW
Current Facility: POLUNSKY
Projected Release Date: DEATH ROW
Parole Eligibility Date: DEATH ROW

Offense History
Offense Date: 2005-06-13
Sentence Date: 2007-06-26
County: HUNT
Case No.: 23,182
Sentence (YY-MM-DD): 8888-88-88

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34 Responses

  1. I just watched this on an episode of Fatal Encounters. The killer’s father bears a lot of responsibility for what happened. He fueled his obviously disturbed son’s paranoia and failed to get his son the help he clearly needed when he was growing up.

    And he shows no sympathy for Mr. Walker or his family. He was only concerned about how this affected HIM! Just sickening.

    • I agree 100 percent. even after what tragedy happened he sits there and makes excuse after excuse for his out of control murderous son. He needs to be charged too, if only…

    • The father knew his son had big problems and should have removed the guns from the house.
      He is just as guilty as the son is, if not more.

  2. I agree with Miss M….what a selfish man……I felt so bad for pee wee’s dad and kids……how tragic….hope pee wee’s Dad find solace….I so wish I could hug the dad….felt so sorry for that family…..heart broken….

    • MissM – I so agree with everything you said!!! So, true!

    • Pee Wee’s dad is a convicted child sex offender who was given custody of “pee wee’s kids. Explain that justice to me? If everyone here only knew the whole story of this case.

  3. What a stupid and dysfunctional family – dad should be in jail too!

  4. I feel that the dad should be sitting in death row with his son. He is as disturbed as his son. His feeding his son this conspiracy theory crap is part nad parcel to the event. The son got just what he deserved. No state dispenses justice like Texas .

  5. Ralph Ward should be on death row with his son. He is absolutely responsible for the actions of the monster he created.

  6. Ralph Wards poor parenting set up the perfect storm for all of this to occur. I work in a large urban school district and we frequently see ignorant, helicopter parents like Ralph who blame everything on everyone else and never hold their children accountable. Schools, cities and court systems never go as hard on them as they should, leaving these kids to slowly transition into menaces. These children grow up and morph into Adam Wards. Ralph created the perfect storm for this murder to occur. The father and son are both responsible for Pee-wee’s murder, as well as the city. Aggressive personalities scare us as schools and city employees. There is an unspoken belief that if you manage them passively they will subside. They never do! They almost always get worse. This breaks my heart!

  7. I find it hard to comprehend how a parent who is fully aware of their childs anger management issues would expose that child to firearms. Based upon the facts it seems that a minimum the father should have faced charges of culpable negligence.

  8. Stuff like this pisses me off!!! The dad was so focused on the city that he forgot to raise and get help for his obviously disturbed child. The dad and son were exactly alike except the son is violent and dad is not. Both are paranoid and crazy. The dad is a narcissist. He only cares about being right.

  9. I just saw this story on ID and I have to say that as sad as it is from what I heard from the interviews Dr. Ward should also be in jail for making his son feel threatened by authority and fueling his behavior. In a way I almost feel sorry for Adam bc it sounds like while he had learning disabilities instead of getting him help it sounds like his father just made excuses for him and made him worse and from the interview he sounds like he’s still blaming everyone excepy thr the person who is really responsible for this absolute tragedy… Himself

  10. I too watched Fatal Encounters today. I cried as I watched. I could not imagine watching my child die in my arms. This story was painted in a whole different light from what I was told. As far back as I can remember, Adam Kelly has had mental health issues. Even as a small child. As an adult he refused medication. He comes from good family. Adam Kelly is on death row for his crime. His grandmother and mother grieve for their son. My heart goes out to Michael’s family. This should have never happened!

    • Cousin, I grew up in commerce and had to watch Adam and his “family” take advantage of any situation that arose. I disagree Adam comes from a “good family” rather i would call it a horrible family with no values especially for human life. Have you seen the rat trap they live in? I was in scouts with Adam and quit because of him and his controlling know it all father. Dr. Ward is a joke. I quit scouts because I was afraid of Adam and his aggressive behavior with a fixation for knives and other forms of weaponry. Adam and his family are a pimple on society!

      • mr. blair, i too grew up in commerce. i didn’t know the wards, but my father grew up with ralph. he says that ralph was so ‘creepy’ back then that my father was actually scared of him. i recieved a message from a second cousin last week that ralph ward wants to speak to my dad. my dad said no way. i really wonder what he has to say. very sad story…

    • I just finished watching the same show. I thought I missed something because I didn’t see the first 15 minutes or so. Obviously not. I’m under the same impression that “Dr.” Ward completely made excuses for his son and enabled him to do what he did. My first thought on the father was that he was on an ego trip, to have to be called ‘doctor’ through the whole show. How many excuses can you make for the same behavior????? The son definitely had mental issues and him being a ‘doctor’ should have had those dealt with not ignored. With an attitude like that, it’s no wonder the town was “out to get him”. Why not move if that was the logic behind it??? Obviously it was their problem for years.
      My heart goes out to the Walker family. This tragedy should have NEVER happened!!!

  11. I just watched the show ‘fatal encounters’ here in Australia. I, like Michael enforce building regulations too. Every day unfortunately is like Russian roulette when dealing with the public. People reach a unrealistic view on government workers particularly on unfairness and inconsistency. This is usually, from my experience, developed after long term exposure to others with a negative relationship with government authorities.
    I was moved strongly by this specific story and pass on my condolences to his family.
    Michael did a job others usually rely on heavily when in need but can easily discredit when being enforced. His legacy will be that this story will hopefully increase the knowledge relating to the profession and assist in reducing future incidences.

  12. Can’t wait to see the switch flipped on this guy.

  13. What in the heck was the Father doing with guns in his house knowing who and what his son is, He should have been afraid for his own life w/guns in his house along w/that monster of a son let alone for someone else’s life!
    Yeah he should have had a court date as well for having the guns in the house knowing what he knew.

  14. I just watched this episode of FE & I am so disgusted by this idiot’s dad. A year earlier the boy tried to take a gun to an argument with neighbors. Why didn’t his father get rid of all of his guns? Seems to me that it wasn’t officials who were out to get Ward but, the Wards were out to get everyone else. Ward’s dad said that his son spraying Walker with the hose was adding fuel to the fire but, he is the one who added fuel to the fire he had started in his son. A father lost his child & 2 children lost their father but, Mr. Ward keeps making excuses for his son’s behavior over the years & even that day! He says there was jury tampering & Adam deserves another trial. That’s BS! I think that man needs to be locked up either in prison for contributing to the murder or in a mental hospital because he’s off his marbles.

  15. Just saw this show as well. I agree with most all the comments on here. And YES the father should be held accountable as well. He knowingly fueled his sons anger in a sense brain washing him. The son may have pulled the trigger but the father killed the man. The son should get life and the father should get death. Perhaps if parents saw that there are consequences for their actions they will raise their children differently. Nothing was ever the sons fault it was always someone else’s. when you live your life that way your setting yourself up for failure in a bad way. A man was shot and killed for doing his job and the father of the killer is still saying there is a conspiracy. He’s nuts.

  16. I just got done watching a reairing of this episode of Fatal Encounters, and I was absolutely horrified!
    I thought at the end of the episode that Ralph Ward was finally going to stop making excuses for himself and his son and show some compassion for the victim and the victim’s family, but I was sadly mistaken. I thought he was going to say that he wouldn’t have wished on his worst enemy what Michael ‘Pee Wee’ Walker went through, or what ‘Pee-Wee’s’ father went through when he had to respond to his son being gunned down, but NO, he was referring to ‘his own pain, about watching his son in a “life or death battle.” His son was not in any battle! he gunned down and innocent man in cold-blood, Ralph Ward is partially to blame for Michael Walker’s death. For Ralph Ward to then say that his son was wrongly convicted due to jury tampering??! I almost threw up! I am so appalled by this man!
    Someone hit the nail on the head earlier when they said he was a narcissist. He is the epitome of someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder! The whole time I was watching the episode I kept thinking, there is something wrong with this man, and there is something way more serious going on with his child, Adam, than just dyslexia, too.
    Ralph Ward was the biggest enabler of Adam’s bad behaviors, delusions, and paranoia. He should be charged with involuntary manslaughter for his neglect of his son’s very apparent mental disorders, which directly led to Michael Walker’s death.
    I am so disappointed with Investigation Discovery for allowing that man to speak on the episode. Not only was it disgraceful and irresponsible, but it was disrespectful to the Walker family, and the memory of Michael Walker.
    Shame on you Ralph Ward and ID!!!

  17. Where did he die I need to know I live in commerce tx!

  18. Although the death penalty is hard fir me to accept I doubt I would feel the same if it was my son or father. Dr Ward tried so hard to divert his own accountability – he KNEW better yet failed to act responsibly – Lord help anyone living near such evil!!

  19. “Dr” Ward is trash. Plain. Simple. Trash.

  20. I also watched Fatal Encounters Ralph Ward was so mental I am sure he had no chance of a normal child he is as much or more to blame for the death of Mr.Walker. Adams mother is to blame also you have a child that is in trouble and you move out shes trash simple plan trash!

    • Your words mirror mine almost exactly. I was chilled by the father who said as he watched Mr. White dying he thought of all of his plans for his son going down the drain. What plans could he possibly have had for this psychopath?

    • I don’t hold her responsible. She was probably in fear for her life. In fact, has anybody seen her?

  21. Although I am one who does gets annoyed by governmental knobs, code violators hurt everyone’s property values. This “Dr'” Ward needs to go see a REAL Doctor in a mental ward. Ralph, you are as repulsive of an asshole as I have ever had the displeasure of observing….

  22. Ralph Ward is as delusional as his son – there is no Doctorate program of Industrial Mechanics – Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, yes, Industrial Mechanics – no. Where is “Dr.” title comes from is no where to be found. He also clearly has a hording psychosis and likely why the mother does not live in the household. Adam grew up psychologically abused and his own mental illness neglected. His outbursts of aggressive behavior were the manifestations of this abuse. He should never have been found competent to stand trial.

  23. Per my opinion Alan suffer of Asperger syndome (kind of autistism).

  24. My aunt told me about this guy.. He was in her class in Elementary (or Junior high I can’t remember xD) And he stabbed a pencil into her friends knee.. ;~;

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