Deadly Woman: Della Dante Sutorius killed her husband Dr. Darryl Sutorius – her 5th husband


Darryl Sutorius
Dr. Darryl Sutorius

Della Dante Sutorius died in prison on 11/20/2010.

Woman charged in death of 5th spouse
Woman Held in Death of Her 5th Husband
Grand jury indicts wife in slaying of husband
Wife enters innocent plea in surgeon’s slaying
Ex-husbands talk about fear after woman charged in slaying
Ex-husbands will testify against woman in fifth husband’s death
Prosecutor says doctor didn’t kill himself
Murder trial of surgeon’s wife goes to jury
Wife convicted of killing husband No. 5
Woman receives life sentence for murdering fifth husband
Della’s jewels give us hint of our values
“Black Widow” Della Sutorius Dies In Ohio Prison
Marriage of Darryl and Dante Sutorius
Murderpedia: Della Dante Sutorious
Wikipedia: Della Sutorious

Della’s Web
The Cincinnati Crime Book

Dateline: The Doctor’s Wife
Fatal Vows: Exquisite Lies
Snapped: Dante Sutorius
Pretty Dangerous: Della Dante’s Inferno

Della Sutorius
Della Dante Britteon Sutorius

4 Responses

  1. It’s a good thing that she died in prison because she was eligible for parole in 3 years, and she might have gotten out and killed another husband.

  2. My god so it’s true when they say money is the root of all evil

  3. Wonder what she died of ? I don’t have much faith in our justice system nowadays, so it is a good thing she died in prison.

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