Deadly Duo: Denise Rayne Holsinger and Michael David Clagett *The Witchduck Inn Massacre*

Lam Van Son Karen Sue Rounds
Lam Van Son (owner)
Karen Sue Rounds (waitress)
Wendel G. “J.R.” Parrish Jr. (cook) [no picture]
Abdelaziz Gren (patron) [no picture]

Pain of quadruple murder still lingers 15 years later
Bar slayings net 5 life prison terms
Despite confessions, suspect denies guilty
Man Charged with Murder Asks for Sentence
Victim’s son won’t forgive
Murderer Of Four To Die Tonight
Michael David Clagett #651
Murderpedia: Michael David Clagett
Woman who helped kill co-workers says, ‘I had no self-esteem at all’
Murderer seeks part of ex-husband’s Navy retirement
Jailed killer is denied ex-husband’s pension
Parole Decisions June 2011 (denied parole)

Pretty Bad Girls: The Wicked Witchduck Waitress
Women Behind Bars: Denise Holsinger

Michael David Clagett – convicted, sentenced to death; executed July 2000
Denise Rayne Holsinger – convicted; sentenced to 5 life terms plus 23 years in prison

David Michael Clagett
Michael D. Clagett


Denise Holsinger

Offender Name: Holsinger, Denise Rayne
DOC Number: 1118577
Inmate Number: 232239
Gender: Female
Race: White
Location: Fluvanna Correctional Center
144 Prison Lane
Troy, VA 22974
(434) 984-3700

2 Responses

  1. They should execute that retard. The system is too easy on people like her. I hope she gets what her drug addict a#@#! Deserves.

  2. I bet what you didn’t know was Michael had an Ex wife and Son who carries the Burden of his name. I should know I’m the Ex. Alot of Michael’s problems was because of his Mother Iris. Now Denise I had no clue of her past But thanks to the Show Pretty Bad Girls…She was and Is a Nut Job!! And should never get Parole!!!

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