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  1. It looks like they didn’t do a very good job of rehabilitating this guy. Maybe he should have spent 72 years in prison instead of 72 weeks for murder.

  2. People are so naive, you can only believe what you hear and see on tv/media, but unfortunately its not all true. As americans before we start pointing the blame maybe we should re-examine our appointed officials, police officers, and those who hold the key to speaking up and changing things but don’t. Jamari and Deshawn wont be the first or the last…..but bravo for giving it some attention because it happened in Bellevue????? These same crimes take place everyday in Tacoma and the Central District…..but no one is talking about it. Shame on US!!!!!!!!!

    • Jay,

      I post on crimes that happen ANYWHERE in the US, not just one specific place. I do not even live in Washington state. So, no, it had nothing to do with it happening in Bellevue. And since you are privvy to the truth, tell it. Don’t just say that what the media said was untrue. Speak it. Don’t just blame the police, government, etc.

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