Monsters Among Us: Randall Lee Smith *Appalachian Trial Murders*

Appalacian Trail

Laura Susan Ramsay, 27 [5/19/1981]
Robert Mountford Jr, 27 [5/19/1981]
Sean Farmer, 33 [5/6/2008] survived
Scott Johnston, 39 [5/6/2008] survived

Transition House to honor memory of Laura Ramsay
Murder Suspect Captured
Trail Slayer Suspect Is Arrested
Hiker Murder Trial Jury Selection Begins In VA
Key evidence argued in Appalachian murders
Smith Changes Plea, Sentenced to 30 Years
Smith changes plea to guilty
Hikers’ killer going home
Giles County authorities investigate double shooting
AT shooting suspect has hearing in car
Community reacts to Randall Lee Smith’s death
Pearisburg man never shook reputation as AT killer
Double-shooting suspect dies in custody
Randall Lee Smith, The Appalachian Trail’s Very Own Serial Killer
Randall Lee Smith remains a mystery
Blood on the Mountain
Trail of a Killer
Murderpedia: Randall Lee Smith
Wikipedia: Randall Lee Smith

Murder on the Appalachian Trail
The Whole Truth: A Case of Murder on the Appalachian Trail
Terror on the Appalachian Trail: Hikers Battle Mountaineer Serial Killers

Dead Silent: The Curse of Dismal Creek
Fatal Encounters: Murder Around the Campfire
Dateline: Escape from Brushy Mountain


Randall Smith Randall Smith 2008
Randall Lee Smith 1981 and 2008

OFFENDER NAME: Randall L. Smith
SEX: Male
RACE: White
LOCATION: Deerfield Correctional Center


3 Responses

  1. How in the name of all that is holy did they ever let this guy get off with 30 years for a brutal double murder, and what’s worse, they let him out of prison in 15 years, and then he goes right ahead and commits another double murder. The American system of justice is insane.

  2. I second the sickening nature of letting this murderous creep out of prison so early, even if it was necessary by law to do so. I hope those laws have changed!

    What most strikes me outside the above is the dramatic difference in this creep’s appearance from 1981 to 2008. Prison and life were not good to him, which is at least some consolation for what he’s so sickly done, including taking away from the serene nature of one of the most beautiful places on this planet, the Appalachian Trail, and causing people to fear for their lives while otherwise trying to enjoy a small piece of heaven on earth! Is there anything left on earth that is “sacred?” Good riddance, sicko! I don’t believe in hell, so I hope your life was as difficult as those pictures allude to it being.

  3. Over the years I have thought many times about Susan Ramsay. I was one of the children she worked with at the group home in Ellsworth. I hear her through the songs she thought me on the guitar. And how much she loved nature.she had no electricity in her home even. She did make a difference in my life and I will k
    keep her forever in my heart.

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